Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Sound of Young America Interviews Blu

Jesse always does a great interview and this is no exception. Check the rhyme or stream the interview below:

Download the interview through zShare:

The Sound of Young America - Blu Interview (zShare link)

For those who slept: Peep my roundup of all the hip hop interviews on TSOYA.

If you dig the interview, post it elsewhere and spread the word. Jesse was the first guy to put me on in terms of writing and I still owe him for that.


  1. great post man, this guy blu is truly "the man"

  2. great interview. Its nice to hear that he wasnt embarassed or ashamed to say he studied albums like Will Smiths Big Willy Style, and Montell Jordan. We all have those albums that we are ashamed of, I definitely have my share!
    Blu is also the Truth!