Friday, June 20, 2008

Mixtape Review: 88-Keys - Adam's Case Files

I reviewed the new 88-Keys mixtape for Read it here and leave your thoughts on the album in the comments.

I know Ivan placed Keys on his list of top 50 hip-hop producers at, and I'm certainly a fan of his production as well. Has anyone else listened to it?D

Download the tape here.


01. A Happy Ending?
02. Fibs ft. Grafh
03. Wasting My Minutes ft. Kid Cudi
04. 21 & Over ft. Big Sean
05. Deal Breakers ft. Mr. Bentley
06. Typical Maury ft. Izza Kizza
07. Quit Playing ft. Serius Jones
08. True Feelings
09. Cuddle Bums ft. Tanya Morgan
10. Just LIKE A Man ft. Guilty Simpson
11. Young, Dumb & Full of…
12. Outro


  1. Dope cd the samples are crazy this dude should blow.

  2. I feel the exact same way about it as you do. I think "cuddle Bums" Is a dope track, outside of that there are a few that are decent. I know he is a great producer, but great producers find ways to make the tracks fit the people they work for. It shows versatility, guess it just wasn't happening.

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  5. Gav: He is a very good producer, but the emcee selection on the tape was poor.
    I like the guest list for the full length though.
    I was actually pleasantly surprised by Keys' rapping on the tape.
    Apparently he's going to emcee a few tracks on the Death of Adam.

  6. producer rappers just aint happening... but lately i've been proven wrong! I look forward to the actual release as well