Monday, January 21, 2008

Myspace Mondays with... Praverb the Wyse

Praverb the Wyse

Praverb is finally here! As some of you may or may not know, Prav' is a regular reader (much appreciated fam!) of HHIR, and I probably never would have came across his music if it wasn't for the trusty ol' cBox. Straight outta VA, Praverb's style is deeply rooted in his Christian faith, coupling religion and rap as ways of life, adhering to KRS-One's all-too-familiar quotable: "Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live..."

Here's a quick bio from Praverb's Myspace page:
Praverb was influenced by the innovators of hip hop and continues to deliver hip hop with substance. His music speaks volumes on our society and culture as human beings. He is humble and has confidence in his skills as an artist. He's not trying to be the flashy emcee on TV with superstar status, but rather the well respected emcee. This emcee is the epitome of positive or conscious hip-hop. Fed up with the current state of hip-hop, Praverb continues to deliver knowledge to the masses. This positive emcee has a dedicated fan base due to performing, networking and the internet. He spends his downtime writing poems and recording them.
Fueled by this strong religious foundation, Praverb goes the humble route and steers clear from sounding too preachy. His style is smooth and relaxed, with bursts of passion and meaning throughout. His latest (free!) offering is titled 'The Gospel is FREE', a mixtape stuffed with beats, rhymes and life. An artist with a modern, organic approach to emceeing, Praverb's latest work consists of personal and inspired lyrics layered atop a well-thought-out sampling of J.Armz instrumental tracks. Setting himself apart from the pack, Praverb's tracks are uniquely concise and straight to the point. They're kinda like individuals psalms; chapters of the same book, each portion chronicling a new image, thought, story or concept. ....or as he simply calls them: "Freeverses."

It's one thing to big-up the pioneers of the game, but Praverb identifies the fact that Hip-Hop was born from the suppressed voice of the people. Check out these bars from 'I Don't Know Officer (Freeverse)':
First time users need to know the history
Rakim, KRS-One: what an ephiphany/
You in the club 'shoulder leaning'/
But what about the people that spoke for freedom/
What about the people that spoke with meaning/
I'm here to resurrect those, I hope you're receiving/
But things get really exciting on the throwback-ish new joint 'Religion is Rap.' Shortened into a snippet under 2 minutes long, the track is a tempting tease to Praverb's upcoming 2008 album 'Center of Attention' with Domination Recordings. His Myspace page contains yet another 'COA' sample song, 'Rain.'

For a taste of what's to come, you gotta go peep Praverb's new mixtape 'The Gospel is Free', a free download below:


From 'verb:
The Gospel is FREE is a statement directed at how some people use the bible as a monetary platform, it also correlates with the sale of mixtapes with copyrighted material (for example: Dj Drama). The Gospel is FREE is a 15 track offering that is composed of freeverses, freestyles, and songs. I am offering this mixtape as a free download and eventually it will be available in CD form (for FREE). I would love for you to share this mixtape with at least 3-5 people and if you are willing to review it great (I am open for criticism). All I ask is that you listen to the words. I would like to thank all the people that have been supportive of the music so far, continue to support and help spread the name.

Please be on the lookout for "The Center of Attention", which will drop digitally on Domination Recordings.
You heard it here people! Keep your eyes on the Wyse in '08!

Keep Hip-Hop Alive!
...see you next week for the third installment of 'Myspace Mondays'...