Friday, August 3, 2007

ImageShack Crashes on Me

^ Yup, that's what the site looked like a couple of hours ago......
A real nightmare, right?
Well as you can see, I fixed everything up (I hope), moving all the necessary images (thank G-d I saved them) over to PhotoBucket...
.........................f*ck imageshack


  1. This is because ImageShack is a free service to post a few images... Not a complete hosting replacement for bums who can't afford a $3 a month hosting plan through any of the major providers.

  2. Okay anon, well, I guess that makes me a bum.

    Good thing I've got Photobucket. Fulfilling my bummy needs since '04....

  3. forget that kid ivan, why waste cash when u can get it for free ;)

    BTW- the label of this post is awesome :D

  4. lol, thanx....WTF & LOL were already good friends, and then SMH decided to jump in for the ride... ;-D