Monday, June 14, 2010

A Public Service Announcement from Lord Finesse

A week ago, I published a post titled Funky Technician: A Retrospective. It was my little way of paying homage to one of my favorite rap records on the heels of its twenty-year anniversary. I wrote about the record itself, as well as the career of Lord Finesse. I concluded by saying that it's time for a second awakening - a nod to his 1996 record The Awakening, his most recent solo LP. Over the years, I'd read and heard talk of a Funky Technician remix project which seemed legit. Later in 2008, a couple of promo releases popped up: Rare Selections EP Vol. 3 (download) and a 12" with remixes for Funky Technician's "Here I Come" and "Keep the Crowd Listening", both released on Finesse's Underboss Entertainment imprint. Since then I'd heard nothing - until now. Lord Finesse himself dropped by the post and had this to say:
Thanks for the love & support.. I'm humbled & honored.. I look forward to dropping the 2 Projects I'm currently working on I'm finally just about finished "the Funky Technician Remix LP.. due out early fall.. & another project called The Tru Origin Project... due early 2011... 1st single due about the same time as The Remix Project.. At the end of the day my format remains the same.. I just focus on making good music.. nothing more.. nothing less.. I'm not focused on making No commercial.. new wave, radio oriented music.. just good, rare sample & looped, heavy funky drums, melodic music.... I refuse to be.. "the Hunter captured by the game".. I'll see y'all later this year.. Thanks again...

Lord Finesse
aka The Funkyman.. aka the Underboss DITC...
It's a good day in hip hop.


  1. Wow...Greatest comment ever. Lord Finesse checks the blogs? Dope. I always wondered what happened to that remix project too. I'm definately still looking forward to that...

  2. Yo that's crazy about getting a comment from Lord Finesse on your website, your site is def one of the best hip hop websites out IMO. On the real, if Finesse drops another album, I really hope it's more like the Funky Technician than "another Awakening" -Finesse only rhymed on like half the tracks on that album! The album did have some good tracks (Hip to the Game is one of my favorites) -But LF was killing me with tracks like "Words from da Ak" ...That was a good-ass beat! You can 'disrespect the beat by rhyming!' I would LOVE you to disrespect that beat by rhyming!!!

    With that said I'm looking forward to hearing some new Finesse! Peace and Congrats Ivan!

  3. Yo LF,

    "I'm not focused on making No commercial.. new wave, radio oriented music.."

    So going by your comment, you ARE making commercial, new wave, radio orientated music because you said you are NOT focused on making NO commercial, new wave, etc.

    Double negatives sucks.

    And WTF is 'new wave'? Are you referring to the 80's Thompson Twins, Duran Duran and all that stuff-type new wave music? I figured you wouldn't grow bangs, bleach your hair blonde and hop around like a white boy from England.

  4. @ Benovite.. Some idiots just don't deserve a response.. but anyway.. New Wave... meaning this generation of new wave hip hop.. Check out the Righteous Kill track... he did for Vinnie Paz.. That track is sick...

  5. Good to see the Lord checking the blogs. Can't wait for both projects to drop, especially the remix project.

  6. Thanks for the response, Anon.

    Two things:

    1) It's not my fault people don't know how to talk without causing headaches from having to re-read their shit in order to understand what they're saying. It's one thing to be 'hard' or 'tough', another for anyone else to find it hard and tough to understand them. Personally, I think one of the things that kills hip hop and humanity in general is smart muthafuckas pretending to be dumb in order to connect. Here's an example; you know how when you're walking around and someone passes by you talking on a cellphone and for whatever reason they feel the need to curse while talking to the person on the other end just as they pass you.

    Anyway, not saying the above is the case with LF because frankly I don't the guy or his intelligence level. What I do know is that I've always liked his style on the mic.

    2) The new wave thing, never heard recent versions of hip hop being referred to as new wave but I'll take your word for it.

  7. I was in Japan a year ago and saw Finesse perform with Big Daddy Kane. Finesse, along with his band, The Congregation, was actually the headliner. But Kane came on with them after his set and they performed together. It was one of the dopest, most memorable shows I've been to. I think Scrap was there too, and Kane did the James Brown split. Finesse was really good with the band, I didn't know what to expect going in, but it was great. Any update on that, is there going to be a Congregation album?

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  9. I think Benovite is just thinking too hard lol. Not that hard to understand

  10. Sounds good but I doubt it. I love Finesse's music but he is notorious for being this dude with no commercial shit to worry about, yet still rarely brings anything new. Shit, if I was an AnR I would have Lord Finesse doing an album with Percee P, but that will never happen. Why? I dunno.

    I remember when I had the radio show back in the day, he wouldn't even do a guest spot. He said he had to have it approved by his manager. And, no, my show wasn't some boney shit.

    I really do hope that he does get some more of the unreleased bangers he has put out on vinyl, but at this point, nobody can call it. I think he's just happy living off the tour dough and whatever royalties he might get.

    Regardless, props for having Finesse send you a message and I truly hope he does what he says he will.

    Maaan, if him and any of a multitude of still dope older school emcees would get a full album done, many would cop. He needs to stop being a lazy bastid. Sounds harsh but seems to be true after all the years of slacking while he's got thousands ready to buy what he puts out.