Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Call Bullshit on AskMen.com’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2010 List

About a month ago, AskMen.com revealed their – emphasis on “their” – list of the top 99 most desirable women of 2010. The winner was Emmanuelle Chriqui. Now I’m all for seeing a hot Hebrew honey get her props, but the number one spot? Really? That’s when I got to investigating – because really, despite my troubling penchant for procrasturbation procrastinating, an urgent call to task like this demands my full attention. Paying notice to AskMen’s rating system reveals that the ultimate score that each women can earn is calculated by averaging the readers’ score with – get this(!) – the AskMen.com’s staff score. That doesn’t sound very democratic, now, does it? AskMen.com boasts that over 6 million votes were cast in this “election.” But what significance does that hold if the staff can tip the scales in favor of one woman over another? I crunched the numbers and it ain’t pretty.

AskMen.com’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2010 Data @ Google Docs

As you can see from this spreadsheet that I created, Emmanuelle Chriqui earned a 92.9 from the readers. (She was ranked #6 overall, based on readers’ scores alone.) AskMen.com’s staff gave her a 96.9. That’s a four point spread! And those four points are what boosted Chriqui to the number one spot! Now here’s where it gets absolutely sinister: Marisa Miller scored a 95.2 from AskMen.com’s readers. That was the highest score amongst all women, earning her the #1 spot as far as readers’ scores are concerned. But interestingly enough, the AskMen.com staff gave her a lower grade than that: 94.3. That’s a 0.9 spread.

Now let’s do the math: Emmanuelle Chriqui’s averaged score (between AskMen.com’s readers and staff) was 94.9. Marisa Miller’s averaged score was 94.8. Emmanuelle Chriqui “won” by a decimal point! But again let’s remember: Chriqui was assisted by the AskMen.com staff’s generous 4 point (2 points when you consider the averaging math) boost. Miller on the other hand took a hit from the staff’s 94.3 rating. Isn’t it convenient that the AskMen.com staff gave her a 94.3 and not a 94.4 (which would have made it a Miller/Chriqui tie) or 94.5 (which would have secured Miller’s #1 spot)? Of course it’s not. I call shenanigans! Who's with me?

In conclusion, AskMen.com’s staff single-handedly robbed Marisa Miller of her Most Desirable Woman crown! Don’t get me wrong, I have no real interest in the results of these meaningless lists. (I would’ve expected Megan Fox to have won by the way.) But injustice – that’s right, injustice – must end, once and for all!

Here are some more examples of reader/staff score discrepancies:

Lakshmi Menon
Reader Rating: 75.2; Staff Rating: 92.2; Spread: 17(!)
Winner (in my opinion): Neither. An 83.7 average seems fair to me.

Emily Scott
Reader Rating: 91.4; Staff Rating: 76.2; Spread: 15.2
Winner (in my opinion): Readers.

Grace Park
Reader Rating: 78; Staff Rating: 88.9; Spread: 10.9
Winner (in my opinion): Readers.

Halle Berry
Reader Rating: 73.2; Staff Rating: 84; Spread: 10.8
Winner (in my opinion): Staff.

Olivia Wilde
Reader Rating: 87.2; Staff Rating: 78.9; Spread: 8.3
Winner (in my opinion): Readers.

AskMen.com’s Readers’ Top 10 for 2010:
1. Marisa Miller
2. Alessandra Ambrosio
3. Kate Beckinsale
4. Megan Fox
5. Jessica Alba
6. Emmanuelle Chriqui
7. Kristen Stewart
8. Erin Andrews
9. Scarlett Johansson
10. Olivia Munn

AskMen.com’s Staff’s Top 10 for 2010:
1. Emmanuelle Chriqui
2. Marisa Miller
3. Penelope Cruz
4. Beyonce
5. Eva Mendes
6. Cheryl Cole
7. Gisele Bundchen
8. Bar Refaeli
9. Kate Beckinsale
10. Paz Vega

Readers or staff: You decide!


  1. *kanye shrugs*...... They're all winner, all these bitcheeeez are fly. Really though how much of the hotness is driven by media based perception, Megan Foxx hasn't looked different in the last 3 years

  2. Ivan, how much time do you have on your hands to even begin to analyse these things?

    Anyway, this isnt really surprising. Awards of all kinds go to 'the most deserving'. Politricks is involved in most awards/lists.

    Ms C is just the It Girl now it seems. I havent seen anything she's been in by the way.

    See how my missus Olivia Munn is in the top 10, but didnt make the cut simply because she's not well known yet.

  3. All dem hoes.. I mean, perty ladies, could get it in a heartbeat. Whew!

    *Laughs at Funk Doc's first line*

  4. I'd call shenanigans if I didn't agree with the #1 spot

  5. I call bullshit. How is it a poll if the people running it have more say than the people who vote? Imagine taking that road with government polls...

    "well we know the government's approval rating is 50% but since WE think he's doing such a great job, we'll bump it up to 75%

  6. So Ivan you call "bullshit" on something as subjective as a list of the most desirable women...

    gotta agree with Funk Doc's first line. =/

    Besides which, what make you think they're not just trying to elevate Emmanuelle Whateverhernameis in order to get her more pub because her agent/manager paid askmen.com?

  7. If you didn't catch the sarcastic tone, that's on you... :D

  8. Sarcasm, as expressed online, is harder to gauge or identify as say, sarcasm as seen on TV, for example in the form of Jon Stewart or whats'isname Colbert.

    But point taken nonetheless. ;)

  9. In all honesty, I was really just trying to do my best Bol rendition. I suppose if I really wanted to emulate his style, I'd have accused AskMen of conspiring in a worldwide Zionist conspiracy to make a Jewish chick "most desirable."

    But I'm not that... Crawfordian(?).

  10. Really? Does it actually matter? lol

  11. My line was tongue in cheek by the way.

    Need some emoticons to get my feelings across!

    I dont take these posts too serious, and neither does Ivan for that matter.

    All in fun.

    Em Chrikee is pretty nice. But there are badder girls on the list for sure.

  12. Oh great, a tongue in cheek remark about a sarcastic story on a list of desirable women.

    I just wasted 00:00:01 of my life. `]

  13. Oh great a sarcastic comment about a tongue in cheek remark about a sarcastic story on a list of desirable women.

    Just kiddin'.

  14. way to much time on your hands, and you think like a stoner/hippy.