Thursday, October 15, 2009

Barack Obama is a Class Act

Republican Governor Bobby Jindal got booed at a New Orleans town hall event, but President Obama was gracious enough not to gloat. In fact, he tried to play it off and even defended Jindal - even though the Governor has been a fierce opponent of Obama's policies (despite hypocritically accepting stimulus funds for his state while at the same time denouncing the stimulus as ineffective). You know, Bobby Jindal's real name is Piyush Jindal. It seems like he's trying to hide his heritage, doesn't it? Barack didn't do that! What does that tell you about these two individuals?


  1. Curry scrotum Jindal...rofl

  2. What's your 'class act' doing these days to better America? What has he done since his first day as president to better this country? Instead of 'Hope' his message is 'Nope', as in "ain't gonna happen on my watch".

    Who gives a damn about how gracious a person is when they can't fulfill their campaign promises and properly lead America into a new era?

    You know what Barack Obama's real name is?

    Jack Shit.

  3. If Obama was a true class act he would of respectfully turned down the Noble Peace Prize because he hasn't down anything yet that deserves s Noble Peace Prize.

    Ivan, I know your going to bitch me out for saying this, but your seriously becoming delusional with all your Barack Obama posts. He's not God and he's not some miracle that's going to save America. The fact is he's been doing a pretty shitty job thus far of fixing everything that he said he would fix.

  4. I too am not 100% pleased with the job he's doing. However, this post was discussing his character, not his policies or achievements. Furthermore, I implore you to give me specifics on how the McCain/Palin Administration would have been better for this country.

  5. The McCain/Palin administration would have been an utter clown fest, and for that Obama should be credited for bringing back ANY level of respect to the white house and America in general[since he's not shitting on the rest of the world like Bush].

    The biggest accomplishment Obama has made so far is becoming the first black president, no small feat to be sure. But in light of the McCain/Palin option, people were willing to try for something new and untried. Obama's messages of hope and change along with promises of ending wars and bringing about solutions to long-standing problems lulled Americans into a dream-like state of WANTING to believe he could deliver. So as a result he won the election. And on that glorious night when the world watched, cried and dreamed of what was to come, little did they know that all their dreams and hopes for change would last only that short, fleeting moment. That election night was the pinacle of Obama's presidency. I certainly hope I'm wrong about that and he eventually does become the person he told us he was for this country.

    We got the first black president who is happy being the first black president. That's great, but it's time to move on to tackling real issues with real changes. Not just the same old political BS.

    If this guy can't make things happen for us then who can? Hillary?

    Anyway sorry for the rant. Being classy doesn't amount to much when there's much to be done.

  6. Bobby Jindal is a dweeeb... I remember that nigga's reply to the state of the union address and it was patethic...

    I hope Jindal doesn't go public with the fact that he's'd be an insult to Indians...

  7. You obviously mean Jindal is a fierce OPPONENT of his policies. I also am dissapointed with Obama's lack of action, but I felt that way often during the campaign, and he got it done then- so I'm hopeful still that he will surprise me again. When I see him do shit like this I have to remind myself that it's one of the reasons I voted for him- he's sensible and thinks before he acts.
    On a side note-I think it's great to check the comments on one of your "political" posts and see intelligent sounding people discussing the issue, instead of the usual idiots complaining that you have political views, or the moronic bullshit you find in the comments section on "news" sites

  8. Shit like this being defending the assholes that attack every move he makes and try to twist it into anything that will hurt him

  9. Ivan, I agree with you, I definitly do not think the McCain/Palin Administration would of been better for this country. I think both canidates were not sutible for the job. McCain because he's not a great leader and prone to War, and Obama and Palin because they are too under qualified. With that being said, I do think Obama is a great guy, but at the end of the day, I don't care if he's a great guy, I care if he has done something to make life better for Americans.