Monday, August 31, 2009

Jay-Z Rhapsody Commercial

I've already expressed my disdain over the music on The Blueprint 3. And if you've been following me on Twitter, you'd know by now that a review is coming along down the pipeline. I'm not gonna form my criticism until I let the album soak in though. Even if I give it -1 mics (or how we do it on HHIR, 'Superstars'), I must say that this commercial boosting the album is pretty damn cool and innovative. Jay recreates the scenes from all of his albums. Worth noting: The Blueprint 3 is the first album cover without Jay on it.


  1. Yea, this commercial is dope. Whatever is said about the album is a whole different topic. Innotative, and well put together commercial? Yes.

  2. Awesome commerical as for the live for ever to behonest im not seeing the hype about hudson. there are better brit's. But you got to admit that next one with swiss is a hot track.