Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emmy Rossum - Vegas Magazine [HQ Scans]

New HQ scans of Emmy Rossum's Vegas Magazine spread.

Wallpaper status:

Love me my Triples-H's... :D

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  1. lol @ the skinny white girl photos

  2. Wiki says Jewish hottie. All becomes clear.

    Ivan has a whole Jew Beauty folder on his computer!

    Didnt know who she was but I might check for her now.

  3. RE:Anon#1

    Dismissing her as just a "skinny white girl" leads me to SERIOUSLY question a man's heterosexuality.

  4. Anon # 2 - You should start questioning yourself because your a fag for responding to my comment. lol .

    Just to be clear, i like dem thick thick redbones....ain't nothing homo about that.

  5. Naw ain't nuttin homo bout dat...

    But if you're tellin me u wouldnt hit that then ur straight trippin......and possibly like to play with swords if ya catch my drift.

  6. i never said i wouldn't hit it....

    yeah your mama likes to play with swords frickin wu tang fan....both ivan and gza were there to witness it.

  7. just for the record, f^%$ wu tang and f ^%^%gza...and never really liked budden to f%%^% him too.

  8. ...and you wonder why I stay out of the comments section. Yeesh!

  9. bitch got a pussy, and looks good.

    fuck them fat ass sloppy cunts.

    give me this skinny white girl so i can break her in half. than feed her a salad, instead of homegirl eating all my food in da fridge, lol... biatch