Sunday, June 28, 2009

Insomniacs Club with Michael Jackson & Bart Simpson

Since I was a toddler, I was always a fan of The Simpsons. This track came out when I was just three years old. I'm not 100% sure that I heard it immediately when it was released, but it's definitely a track I remember from my childhood. At the time, I had no idea that Michael Jackson was involved with it at all. Go figure. The man was a fan of The Simpsons and co-wrote "Do the Bartman". The more I learn about the man, the more I appreciate the preciousness of his tormented soul. Rest in peace, Mike.


  1. What about "Happy Birthday Lisa" written by Michael and performed on the show by Bart + Leon Kapowsky? The latter was actually VOICED by Michael, but the singing was done by someone else (contractual bullshit, I presume).

    Check for it in the episode "Stark Raving Dad."

  2. well.. seriously i have two takes on all this... i have read so many write ups and rememberences to micheal since he died and most of you should be ashamed of yourselves, not only for "not knowing or caring what you got til' it's gone"

    but for generally thinking it's okay to all of a sudden accept him for who he was just because he's dead. if the above doesn't refer to you then ignore it.

    definately pathetic and at the same time a stepping stone to growing up, it's sad pathetic someone had to die to open your eyes to a lovely/tourmented soul who wouldnt hurt a fly and a long time ago chenged music forever..

  3. enough already with the 'Go Figure'..

  4. I think I know who I'm talking to here...

    When I wrote "The more I learn about the man, the more I appreciate the preciousness of his tormented soul", I wasn't talking about learning about him during the past 72 hours.

    I grew up on The Beatles and everything from Motown. J5 was always live.

    Some people should stop being so judgmental before knowing the full story.


    Go figga.

  5. some people just can't read, "if the above doesn't refer to you then ignore it" ivan, they clearly said if it doesn't refer to you then ignore it. yet you responded as if that were not the case............................

    your favorite chica-

  6. I gathered that it was the same person who snidely wrote "enough already with the 'Go Figure'.."

    How could I tell? The odd yet giveaway use of two periods at the end of each message.

    Snide 4 snide

  7. Damn, I wish Mike wouldnt have gone out like that. A guy with all the money, fame, talent, and love in the world seemed to feel like the loneliest man alive. I don't believe Michael ever hurt anyone--I dont think he ever touched any kids in inappropriate ways. (but I digress)
    The media really infuriates me with their stories because they really dont give a damn about him or his musicality--they just want the stories.
    Leave the dude in peace and just sit back, relax and enjoy his music..