Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kanye West Embraces Illiteracy

Here we are once again. Kanye’s bitchassness never ceases to amaze me! Five years ago, I thought he’d bring some sense and sensibility to the rap game. What could be further from the truth?

The latest news out of the Kanye Universe is that he’s “not a reader”. Check out this gem from a recent interview: “Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed”. Wow. So you don’t read, because the authors tend to be “self-absorbed”? This coming from possibly the most self-absorbed person this side of Narcissus, of Greek mythology?

But what have we here? Kanye has a new book out titled “Thank You and You're Welcome”. He doesn’t read, but he wants you to buy his book (i.e. give him your money)! Mind-blowing. This voluminous, literary masterpiece stands at a whopping 52-pages long, and features some pages which are completely blank (I shit you not). Other pages have just a few words scribbled on them. Some might call this a revolutionary leap towards the far reaches of minimalist couture. I say that stuff’s just clownin’ dog, c’mon, how messed up is you? (C) Eminem

We haven’t seen such an embrace of idiocy since the Bush Administration which, admittedly, already feels like ancient history to me. Kanye goes full-frontal with his arrogant ignorance: “I am a proud non-reader of books.” Way to represent for the kids, ‘Ye.

Take it from Dr. King: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”


  1. Haha, damn, I kinda like 'Ye's stuff, but he's a fool for this one! Murk'd!

  2. I'm always tryin to defend this guy to other people - his music, his attitude, his production - but now...this is definitely bad news. Bad, bad news. I want to believe eventually Kanye will come around and stop being such a d*ck, but honestly, my hope is dwindling. Ugh.

  3. I was in that same boat with you. But I bailed as soon as he dropped 808s. There's some shit I just can't tolerate.

  4. Hey Ivan,did you know that even his superficial raps are super-official?

  5. He's... gone!

    And by gone, I mean he's gone CRAZY!

  6. The College Dropout, indeed.

  7. College Dropout was banging and annoying at the same time cos he was so proud of being a dropout yet being successful. Pleased that he made his dreams come true but his attitude towards those who got their degrees kinda sucked.

    Those stupid skits and verses like 'this dude graduated at the top of my class...' really sounded like he got a chip on his shoulder.

    Its funny how he seems broad minded at times, his Katrina outburst/views on gays, yet he seems to celebrate ignorance too.

    Required listening for Kanye: Lupe - Dumb It Down.

    'They told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse I aint dumb down nothing...'

  8. Thats completely not what he said. I work at a book store and completely understand what hes saying often authors can be pretensious in they're writing and use uncommon to seem sophisticated. Which I think he is compeletly saying. Furthermore. Funk doc, His views on homosexuality is that it should be allowed, his cousin is gay. His Katrina outburst was him speaking his mind, its true alot of white america dosent care about new orleans. or at least thats the perception, is it not true that reports of Torture in Iraq on suspected terrorist have gotten more media attention from white males that are very rich and own viacom then the shooting of a young unarmed blackman, in Oakland.

    As for the College Dropout lines..Last I checked Richard Branson, that guy that is one of the richest men in the world self made billionaire is a HIGH SCHOOL drop out. Intellegence and Education are not related, School can teach you but i dosent mean you will learn. Sometimes you learn by doing.

    As for the 808's its not that good but to behonest the man wasnt going to make it a album, it was going to be a mixtape. On that matter most artist flop with they're second albums he flopped with his forth. Im sorry but you kinda are just killing a guy because he wanted to be what... a artist? is that not what a music artist does?

    As for the comments about thank you and your welcome, its a book about little life lessons. its not a manuscript on how to live your life.

    Anyways im done
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  9. Richard Branson had difficulty in school because of his dyslexia diagnosis.

    Kanye, on the other hand, had a mother who was a teacher. You'd think she would have instilled a love or at least interest in reading.

    Kanye's reply smacks of the not-too-rare combination of arrogance and ignorance, and I'm having quite a hard time taking him seriously any more.

    Reality check: He's selling a book while simultaneously saying reading and writing is played out. What's next? He'll put out a record and say the same about music? C'mon now...

    If not for all of this, I would hope that AT LEAST you'd still admit it's a horrible example to give to children, adolescents, teenagers etc. who look up to him, particularly in areas where reading and education is lacking.

    Kanye grew up in a middle-class home with a mother who was a teacher. He had access to education. Lots of the kids who are listening to his music and following his every move don't have this luxury.

    Kanye demonstrates the long-standing stereotype that all that the ghetto youth have to look forward to -- with a wing and a prayer -- is a career in sports or entertainment.

    My 0.02

  10. Im praising Kanye for his attitude towards gays, and his refusal to be meek about Katrina. He seems like a bright dude with his head screwed on most of the time.

    I praise his refusal to give in and drop the experimentation. 808's was a brave move, its an artistic risk which wasnt all that bad. More artists should be as brave (although maybe not with Autotune).

    I think its cool he's successful even though he dropped out. I dont think college is the be all and end all.

    But, he does have a chip on his shoulder. He seems bitter towards those who did get through college. Its that negativity which irks me. Dont hate on those that made it through.

    Im not big on literature. Even though I studied English, Lit was not a passion. Authors do seem to have swallowed a thesaurus at times. But Kanye just seems hypocritical in how he criticises. 'Self-absorbed' seems an accurate description. Of him.

    I think Ivan's last point is true though. Whatever the intention, Kanye's remarks seem to suggest that its cool not to read. He's a non-reader. Great thing to say to those who hang on your every word.

    But the main thing: 'I dont read.....but read my book. It hasnt got too many big words so its cool. Available at all bargain bins.'