Friday, May 8, 2009

Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Holy shit, people are actually still talking about this? If you missed it: Pres. Obama asked for Dijon mustard, no ketchup, on his burger during a press-filmed visit to a fast food restaurant. The conservative commentators jumped on his choice of mustard as proof of Obama's snobbishness.

This clip from Wayne's World says more about the situation than any amount of commentary could.

I mean, really now.


  1. Yeah, man. These right-wingers are incredible. How is spicy mustard un-American?

    I wonder what their response would be if I nailed them with this one: "You know, the word mayonnaise is derived from French."

    Grey Poupon = Commie
    Mayonnaise = Frenchie


  2. Laura Ingraham is just a stupid cunt. Are they trying to be funny?? Whats sad is a lot of people actually enjoy listening to the stupid asses. Get the fuck outta here......

  3. I hate mayo on burgers. Now, put that on tv...

    They needed something to say since they couldn't get at Obama when he paid for the food, even though the people at the restaurant didn't want him to pay. I think they're mad because they haven't caught him with those stereotypically black foods conservatives kept trying to associate his face with during the election. Why is it still a surprise that black people's food repertoire exceeds chicken and watermelon? And anyway, Laura Ingraham looks like she printed out a couple of Oprah's KFC coupons.