Sunday, April 19, 2009

Put It In Your Mouth [EP] [The Samples]

You know, if I had planned the posting of this set a bit better, I probably woulda gone with an April 15th release. Whilst the lunatic tea-baggers were protesting Obama's tax plan -- you know, the one that's better for 95% of Americans, definitely a better break than the Bush era -- I could have just laid back and bumped Akinyele's tantalizingly rude "Put It In Your Mouth" from the mid-'90's. Pause. If you're downloading this set, it's probably because you're trying to get a taste of the title's track's sample by '70's band Brick. And I can't blame you. Even after India.Arie did her thing with the same sample, I still go back to this Akinyele gem. Enjoy this one... and turn it up!


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