Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sarah Silverman On "Divas" (and More...)

Over the years, watching Real Time with Bill Maher has become something of a Sabbath ritual for me. This week, he brought along the hot Hebrew honey herself, Ms. Sarah Silverman. Personally, I'm a big fan... and apparently so is Bill! In that way... I digress. Among the many topics which were discussed during the hour (Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was also a guest), Silverman discussed what it means -- and doesn't mean -- to be a diva. Peep the steez:
First of all, people who say they're divas... you're not a diva. I'm pretty sure you're a cunt. You're not a diva. You can't just call yourself... You can't be rude and thoughtless and selfish and just label yourself "diva" and that makes that okay. No, you're a cunt. [...] I don't think it's acceptable. You're not a diva, you're a broken person that's making it impossible to feel sorry for you.
Take that Beyoncé!


  1. that skinny white girl dont know what she talkin about lol

  2. She's right on the diva point. Being a twat is nothing to be proud of.

    Sarah is quite good at riffin' on celebrities and pop culture, but her stand-up show was surprisingly poor. 'Jesus Is Magic' wasnt really all that good.

  3. she can get it though

  4. @anon#2: ...and how!

    FD: I think she's the best comedianess out there...

  5. Sarah Silverman=HILARIOUS!

    I'm so glad she hasn't changed her delivery over the years, her rawness is what makes me appreciate her.

  6. lmao Sarah is dope.
    I agree w/anon#2 & Iv fasho!

  7. I think she's confused with prima donna

  8. Naw... Diva works too.

    Too many bitches, or to use Sarah's word, cunts, think they can do whatever they want, but it's all good 'cuz they're "divas".

    A prima donna is something else IMO.

  9. lol @ people who dont think shes hilarious.. she's a genius, she take topics people are afraid to touch and does them.. i love it