Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mea Culpa

RE: Allow Me to Retort...

Byron Crawford thought the infamous Rihanna picture was offensive, so that means that I clearly stepped over the line. That's right, Bol is my litmus test for offensive material. As you may have noticed, I've since taken down the photo that caused this mini-uproar.

It was done in haste, with little thought given to the reaction(s) it'd receive. I was inspired by some work I'd seen on DeviantArt, a style which I'd never experimented with on Photoshop (see here). Poor taste or cool gfx, it's your choice. Regardless of the nuance, the photo insulted and offended many more people than I thought it would. We have a nice following of readers and subscribers to the blog, but given that we don't get too many comments, I'm usually clueless as to what your reactions are to my posts. At least I know that this one certainly crossed the line...

Throughout the discussion, my support for Obama and the good-cause links listed on my sidebar (such as Stop the Violence) were brought up so as to demonstrate an alleged moral duplicity on my part. I hear the argument, and it's a fair one. But keep into consideration the fact that #1) my support for Obama began since before I started this blog, and #2) good-cause links have always been on our sidebar since day one (and over time, I've added more and more of them). Thanks to, I can prove it to you! This is what Hip Hop Is Read looked like back in June of 2007 (our first month):

My Democratic Debate Scorecard (Archive)

Memories... I've taken down the photo not only because it offended people, but also due to the fact that it contradicted the socially-conscious vibes I do my best to share and display on the blog. Kudos to the reader(s) who pointed out this clear err in unintentional hypocrisy. In summation, I ask that you please don't let a momentary lapse in judgment cloud your vision of the kind of person that I am. With that, I apologize for any offense taken to the photo I posted. An advance thank-you is in order to the folks that accept my apology. To those that do not, I fully understand. How can I make it up to you?


P.S. If you'd like to discuss the matter further, please either leave a comment below, or hit me up with a Tweet or DM on Twitter. Thank you.


  1. Looks like 2dopeboyz might take the heat of ya Ivan. Actually, reading the usual comments on their posts, they will just laugh it up.

    Sorry seems to be the hardest.... Good job on the apology. Seemed like it was necessary for some.

    *I clicked on that site. 'Does Jay-Z have herpes?' lol *

  2. You can't please all the people, all the time. But I'm trying...


  3. Props Ivan. I appreciate your willingness to confront this head on brother.

  4. i'd still like to see what all the fuss is about.

  5. Well said Ivan.

    I posted anonymously in the other thread as well. This is a great blog! I really appreciate the time and effort you put in this site.

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  7. lol... Dude, "socially conscious" folk can still have a little fun! Jesus CHRIST!!! Folk are too goddamned sensitive!

    For the record: I think domestic violence against women is one of the worst 1-on-1 crimes you can commit as a human being (the only thing I could think of worse is something against kids). In fact, the ONLY cases in which I'd condone violence against a woman is if she was capable and attempting to kill/maim you, if she made a God-awful remake of the song "Tainted Love," or if she sang the opening lines of that "Unfaithful" song ("Story of my life, searching for the right...") in that extraordinarily nasally tone. Good GOD, that shit is ANNOYING!!!!

  8. You could post dozens of dope instrumentals.

    (guess you're good, then.)

  9. eloquent as always Ivan ;)

  10. I misssed all the fuss but never the less a well worded apology. I think it has only confirmed my opinion that as a person you are generous and humble as it is obvious to see so much time and effort has been put in to this blog for my enjoyment. Good work. Thanks

  11. Do you son. Stand strong for your beliefs. This is your blog, you don't have to tailor it suit others.

    (Of course that's my opinion, you don't have to tailor it to fit my opinion either)

  12. Man don't apologize for what you post. It's YOUR blog so don't back down from people saying this and that. You signed a contract that said you'll serve the people only with what they find acceptable. Fuck that.

    I didn't take the pic as + or - but I respected the fact that you stood by it and told all the uptight jackasses to kick rocks and HHIR wasn't for them over ONE post, but this right here seems like a typical PC apology. So I won't accept any apology from you for being you and posting what you want.

    I'll continue to read HHIR daily regardless.

  13. Ivan,
    I've had a chance to read through some of this mess caused by your photo (and also peeped the doctored image). I think some people have unnecessarily overreacted, and there is no reason your moral character should be on trial here. One of the reasons I appreciate your blog so much is because you present such a balanced, just viewpoint, and one "bad joke" has no bearing on who you are as a person. Whether people like it or not, this is your site to publish what you want (the beauty of this country and free speech). I'll always be a fan of HHIR, and anyone blowing this out of proportion is only doing detriment to themselves. Don't trip, man. Your less sensitive, more level-headed fans always got your back. :-)

  14. Thank you Jackie! I know you understand.

    You too Cannon! ;D