Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Download: Jay-Z - My President Is Black (DC Mix) [CDQ MP3]

Jay-Z - My President Is Black (DC Mix):
"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk/
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run/
Barack Obama ran so all our children could fly/
So I’m a spread my wings, you could meet me in the sky/"
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  1. My President is Black

    This is a truly powerful and wonderfully symbolic time right now. The celebration of Obamas inauguration is bringing out an array of emotions and creating a platform for much needed dialogue and artistic expression. It feels great to celebrate and pay homage to the heroic sacrifices of our ancestors and the present victories we as a people have achieved today. Most importantly, let us be cognizant of OUR responsibility to bring about change, in our own lives and the lives of others. If there is anything we all take from these experiences, let it be that we ALL posses the power to become effective leaders/artists in empowering our families and communities.

    I heard this joint called the Black House and its quite fresh.
    check it out here www.thewhitehouseblack.com