Saturday, November 15, 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama's First Weekly Address

The next 4 years 8 years are gonna be great.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for posting this, Ivan.

  2. Welcome to tommorrow. It starts today (on Jan. 20, to be exact). It is going to be tough, but we can get through, united as one, because I see only a brighter horizon for our country. Good to see the President (Outta Here with That, elect, because ask anybody who the president is and there face lights up like Christmas morning with my assumption on who the real president is). Look around the country, you will find the most unsual of predicaments people finds themselves in (including me). People understand that with the economy in a disastrous disposition, and the country engaged in two wars, ask them how they feel about the direction of the country and most people get excited??!! Why is this? Their tampered excitement comes from one source: HOPE. Hope that maybe a family can afford to send their child to collge (or afford a good education). Hope that I can recieve health care so that you don't a loved family member agonize through a pain that deserves medical attention (or prescription) you cannot afford. Hope for a future that does not leave someone depressed about waking up the next day.

    So to you, President Obama (feels good saying, doesn't it?!!), we as a nation have entrusted you with job of the official in the land. I Hope you can deliever on your promises of a better tommorrow and leads us to a prosperity that fills the nation with an optimisim that one can only realize as they sleep. Is this going to be a fine road to fix the nations problems? No. But, even with the bumps in the road as we journey thorugh these 4 (let's say 8 to make every feel as ease), I see that you turly understand the gravity of the situation and you are prepared to handle these situations with a the responsiblty, caution, care, and understanding the last presidency relayy displayed.

    I Hope that Nov. 4 was the another great step towards the mountaintop that young preacher from Georgia witnessed with his own eyes. I Hope that you assemble a cabinet that only progresses (no detract) from the bright future you have in your mind and heart for this nation. I hope you soar to new heights as President ofthe United States, because you succession is our success and you fail.. no, I turly believe you will succed, so just focus on the glass that half full.

    Finally, I hope you bring a change that Washington, DC so desparately needs. You have a mandate few Presidents have ever had and the goodwill of the world. Now that the time for celebration has come (and soon pass by the Jan. 20), our task at hand is mighty and daunting, but with a heeded and careful approach to the problem, we can reach a solution that extends across the world.

    So, through Hope, let's Change the course of our country or a brighter future that Unites people across the nation and, hopefully, the world.

    So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
    cats that never bug out to the extreme

    Yo, If word is bond
    then Q is gone

    (Fuuny thing about this comment is that It started as a comment to this post and eventually became a post at Lyrics2Go. Guess Ivan keep one up to date with President Obama has a sweeping effect on people).