Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Couple of Comments on '808s & Heartbreak'

RE: Kanye's new album, I've got two things I'd like to mention:

#1: Phat shouts to Yeezy for givin' my girl Esthero some vocal spots on the album.

#2: Did T-Pain contribute to "RoboCop"? A last name "Najm" is listed for this track on the album's liner notes, and T-Pain's birth name (which is traditionally used for liner notes instead of artist names/monikers) is Faheem Rasheed Najm. My interest is somewhat piqued.


  1. Self-indulgent? Probably. Classic? Far from it.

    But this album is far from a dud. Some really interesting non-typical production. It's Hip-Hop but not like we're used to.

    Kanye took a chance with this one, which is great to see. Artists should take risks and move away from their comfort zones. I dont think he was chasing sales either.

    You could call this Emo-Hop or something because Kanye really poured his bad experiences into the music. It's hard to rap with these kind of emotions, so he sang 'em.

    Kanye, by his own admission, cant blow. AutoTune is a blight on modern music. But he somehow makes it work. His voice is supposed to sound artificial. It really fits with the production.

    On tracks like Streetlights, the emotion really comes through.

    Kanye could teach these R&B cats a thing or two about making an album.

    Overall, 808s isnt a classic, but it has its moments. Genuinely good moments.

    That said, I wanna see 'regular' Kanye back for the next album.

    I know im in the minority with these views but hey...

  2. Another note on the contribution list is J. Jenkins aka Young Jeezy is listed as a song writer on "Say You Will" and "Robocop"...along with "So Amazing" which he is featured on.

  3. Interesting. Very interesting. I can't detect any Jeezy-influence on those other 2 tracks. Weird...

  4. He was on 106 & PArk Today and explained that T-Pain and Jeezy came through the studio in Hawaii and helped him with "certain lines" here and there. Not exactly sure what that means but he was saying they helped him on a creative aspect on certain songs, even if they weren't featured on it.

  5. you can hear tpain singin on street lights

    sad cuz i hate him but it actually HELPED make it my fav song on tha album

  6. Having listened to the cd, im kinda annoyed that Kanye keeps making changes to his tracks.

    It's probably my fault for listening to leaks.

    Street Lights was cool cos Kanye didnt do much to his voice. But on the final version, he's added an effect/distortion/whatever to it.

    Kinda ruined it for me.

    Also dont like the strings he added to RoboCop. It really changed the tone of the track.

    And someone censored Weezy too! I guess he didnt want a Parental Advisory sticker on the cover!