Monday, October 20, 2008

Muslims for McCain vs. Anti-Muslims for McCain

That Kurdish chick was hot!

Is it me or did she say "Obama should kick his ass"?

Anyways, CNN followed up on the story...

Well, kinda:

My call to the McCain campaign: Let Daniel Zubairi be heard!


  1. I saw this earlier today. I was thinking the same thing about the Kurdish chick! I think shes down with McSame. She lost points there.

    Get everybody you know to vote!!!

  2. Talk about ignorance. The Hammer and Sickle alongside the Crescent Moon and Star?

    Yeah, let's lump all these 'evil' people together cos they're all out to get us! Jeez...

    BTW I get the impression that if the cameras weren't there, that they might have let that slide. Didnt they chant about 'Obama Bin Lyin' and how he was an A-Rab?

    McCain said that Obama wasnt an A-Rab, but there is still the assumption that being an A-Rab = Evil.

  3. Yeah, he's not an Arab. He's a decent man. if the two are exclusive! SMH...