Sunday, October 12, 2008

Game Over: Conservatives Smell Defeat

h/t Jed

I'm predicting a massive win for Obama. I have been for quite some time now! I'm a sensible guy; I only pick a nominee who I feel can actually perform well - and hopefully win! Barack has lived up to those expectations and I'm glad to say he's the first presidential candidate I will be officially voting for (I was 17 when Kerry ran)! It's fun to watch these conservatives scramble... Breath it in y'all! This is what victory smells like.

But here's a little theory I've been working on: Truth be told, I'm under the belief that conservatives don't really want McCain and Palin to win. Think about it: For the next four years, they would have to be defending this odd couple like they've had to defend Bush for the last eight. And I don't think they're up to the task of cleaning up for this dynamic duo of discountenance. They'd much rather recoup and build themselves up as they critique the Obama Administration -- just like they did with the Clinton Administration (or as the late George Carlin would call it: the Clittin' Administration). Maybe I'm wrong. But you can never be too sure, or in this case, too unsure. This means that we as progressives, liberals -- and every other label/title along those lines -- have to be diligent even after victory.

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  1. Well we only got McCain because no other republican wanted to run after 8 years of Bush F*ing up. You only get one shot to be president.