Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Memo to The Game: Yes, It's Still About Race

Don't get me wrong: when aging civil rights leaders say things that are out of touch with our current situation, I tend to tune off and keep it moving. But sometimes they're right. And when they're right, statements like these -- in this case by The Game -- are painfully wrong:
Fuck Jesse Jackson, 'cause it ain't about race now
If you were bopping your head in agreement to that line, you must be out of your mind. This election cycle has been a gift and a curse in more ways than one. The gift? Living in Los Angeles, not a day goes by when I don't see at least 10 Barack Obama bumper stickers flashing in the streets. I've never seen so many people uniting for a solid cause. And therein lies the curse as well.

Racial naivety pops up when we insulate ourselves within our own clique, our own little homogeneous groups. Like I discussed in the past about Ludacris' "Politics As Usual" song, it's okay for Luda to share that track with his peers within the hip hop network. But when it crosses the social and racial border into red-state territory, that's when the ground starts shaking. Within the progressive hip hop community, The Game is right: Race isn't such an issue. Hip hop concerts are about as colorful as a rainbow (no that's not a PUSH coalition reference). But we're not talking about the United States of Hip Hop here. America is just as racist as it ever was. Don't believe? Just ask these Democrats (yes, "Democrats") from West Virgina.

To say that "it ain't about race" is just as half-assed as saying "I'm color blind." Nobody's color blind. Just ask those white boys (yeah, I went there) who got arrested two days ago in connection with a plot to assassinate Barack Obama. Those crazy f*cks sure as hell weren't color blind, and you can take it to the bank that their hatred is solely based on race and racism.

Game's the one who started bitching over the fact that no one else would polly and collab on his track "911 is a Joke". But Game made that track nearly two years after Sean Bell's death (Pap' wins the gold for this one as far as I'm concerned). In November of '06, was Game marching with Sean Bell's family? Nope. How 'bout Rev. Jackson (and Sharpton)? Yep. Hmmm... Sure, ol' Jesse's got his eyes on Obama's balls -- PAUSE -- and that's disturbing. But don't open your mouth to put down someone else who's working harder for your cause than you have. That's all I'm sayin'.... Same to you Weezy...


  1. the only people that make race a problem are idiots and assholes.. please don't add to the pile of those people.

    the point game is making is, TO him and MANY(the majority) it IS NOT about race now... theres FAR more dire problems then some idiot or idiotic system holding certain people down... it DOES go both ways...

    i think your YOUTH allows for you (the ranter/writer of this article i'm replying to, to REALLY have no idea what your talking about, respectfully of course.

    the fact is race is only still a factor cause there are still uneducated idiots living... IT is a fact that one day it might literally die out.. but not until the idiocy of it is IGNORED and overcame... there are ways of not letting it get to you or affecting ones self...

    any ways... i think it's sad that ANY ONE is still STUCK in such stupidity of skin color.. but i'm glad to know and SEE it's few and far between the good normal people that realize color don't mean dick.

  2. some people... the article writer probably.. WILL never understand that THEY fuel the fire of idiocy just as must as the meth headed racist idiots that want to assassinate some one of another color...

    your always gonna have bad apples.. you dont have to eat the bad apples and let it affect you.... meh the way communication is set up is it can almost always be countered... i suggest you (the writer of the article) keep your drivels of opinion over topics like this to your self... cause at this point your part of the problem by shining light on idiots... instead of ignoring it when possible.. your not the cops.. yopu cant arrest those idiots... blah blah blah... of course people are still racist.. BUT it aint' like the TIMES of rev jackson... ETC... THAT IS THE POINT GAME MADE... and if you CAN'T realize that... then YOU ARE an idiot ;)

    and it AIN'T about race no more... if you think it is, THEN your an idiot or just young, naive, jaded, confused or a combination with all the above.

  3. "but not until the idiocy of it is IGNORED and overcame"

    How can you both IGNORE and OVERCOME something at the same time?

    "you dont have to eat the bad apples and let it affect you"

    If affects us when Sean Bell (and countless others) get shot at 50 times. It affects us when Mumia Abu-Jamal (and countless others) get a shitty trial and have to take a trip up north til February 30th (get it).

    "i suggest you (the writer of the article) keep your drivels of opinion over topics like this to your self"

    Hey, this is my blog. I'll write whatever drivel I wanna...

    "and it AIN'T about race no more... if you think it is, THEN your an idiot or just young, naive, jaded, confused or a combination with all the above."

    Only a "young, naive, jaded, confused" person would say that race is no longer an issue in our country and the rest of the world. Look at Darfur. Race. Case closed. ...but for how long?

  4. dude.. sean bell was shot by BLACK officers too... i mean come on.. you gotta know what your referencing...

    like i said only uneducated idiots and assholes force racism on the world.

    you can ignore it and overcome it by not feeding into it, by leaving the situation as best one can... it's alot more practical to avoid the wrong path then to beat the 200 year old horse that's on it's last legs in my opinion..

    again there will always be fools that invoke and provoke racism. but ..yeah, we see it differently which is normal.

    clearly this is a hard issue to write and respond about with stepping over a line. i feel like i stepped over a line.. and i'm ashamed BUT i also think it's good that we can both voice our opinions knowing that there is really no ill-will to those that think the oppisite.

    -thanks for doing you

  5. and mumia has probably done more good inside the f'd up system then MAYBE he woulda' could wanted to do outside.. sometimes you HAVE to have people getting the shaft so they can shed REAL light on it to those that need it most.

  6. and no one said it's NOT an issue.. he said "IT aint about race no more", and it's not... now aday' it's more about financial divides then color divides and that is a fact.

  7. Game was right and this is among the worst articles I have ever read, very unfortunate I stumbled upon it.

  8. LOL.

    1. Age has nothing to do with having an honest and informed opinion.

    2. Race still matters and will probably always matter for as long as there are human beings. We will always find something different about another person and relate to them based on that difference either consciously or unconsciously.

    3. Racism is institutionalized. Its not as visible as it used to be just more subtle but to make broad generalizations that, "it ain't about race no more" based on a few white homies you as a black person can now bang L.A.X together singing kumbaya makes it better, you have ANOTHER thing coming.

    4. Game was flat out wrong. For the sole fact that throwing stones at a civil rights leader (who even before Game was born participated in fighting for rights that he (Game) now enjoys and carries his fake tatoo tears up and down Crenshaw blvd or wherever the heck he rolls) who arguably in recent times has made comments that make us hide in shame doesn't dilute the fact that a. Jesse was close to MLK b. Jesse did fight for civil rights and c. like it or not still makes a much bigger stand than Game ever could or has.

    5. Mainstream rappers these days thinks it makes us see them as "conscious" when they put barbershop ideas into rhyme. They feel like we stumble on an epiphany because we hear them say "Sharpton sucks!" or "Jesse Jackson? F-him!" Sadly it only makes them come off as uninformed as they are before getting into the booth and spitting nonsense.

  9. ^ The 'Brotha speaks! Pay heed!!!!!

  10. a fool might think that JUST because you agree with some one makes THEM right...

    some of you are so apathetic and part of the problem your selves without knowing it.. IT'S PATHETIC.

    1. the fact is the OPINION is UNINFORMED, possibly due to the youth factor... of bveing over zealous, speaking/typing with out knowing or experiencing the situation...

    ....racism.. and race are two different things ALSO... sigh, i feel sorry for those that really can't wrap their brain around the line game said.. and how it is COMPLETELY relvant in the ART form of music... and more specifacly in the MANTRA he clearly follows or believes in (being game)

    you dont have to agree with him for it to be TRUE IN his life... PLEASE... again...... meh you can't help those that don't want it and think they know it all..

    fuck it.

  11. FAKE? tattoo... your an idiot.

    thanks for making that clear soul.

    jesse jackson is also ... out of touch... still living in the past... that was THE point of the line... failure to realize is detrimental to your life and how you affect society.

  12. it's sad to see people that DON'T understasnd art/music etc... clearly caught up in hear-say..

    hating on artists like the game.

    i don't think you type of people would know REAL or TRUTH even if it smacked you in the face.. your followers........ you hear something and make it your opinion with out researching the situation/person/facts... you think you know so much and that is where your wrong.

  13. Anon:

    Answer these simply questions for me:

    What has Jesse Jackson done for civil rights?
    What has The Game done for civil rights?
    What has Al Sharpton done for civil rights?
    What has Lil Wayne done for civil rights?

    I await your reply with glee.

  14. You do have to admit that the Democrat Party has come a long way...the same party that initially supported slavery and later supported Jim Crow laws in the south now has a Black man as their Presidential candidate.

    Do the research:


  15. You're right in a sense, but there's a nuance to be mentioned. Those Jim Crow voters who used to vote Democrat are the prototypical white Southern Republican-picking voters nowadays.

    All in all, we've definitely come a long way, no doubt.

  16. @ ivan.. man thats like asking what has jackson or who ever done for rap, hip hop... that wasnt' the point the point was now a days are different, extremely..

  17. Ivan: Your article was thoughtful, informed, reasoned and not rash at all. Respect for keeping it cool even though the fire is burning inside.

    Im seeing this from a distance but I feel strongly about the this issue.

    Im a Game fan, but I dont respect him as a social commentator. His albums linger on the subject of LA life, gangs, beef... it's not deep but it's ok. If it was Nas or Talib then maybe I would take it seriously

    I feel he is only talking about political issues now because of the present climate and because it's easy to say something provocative to get attention (and sales).

    Jesse Jackson has a long history of fighting for whats right. It's easy to see him as a figure of fun now. Younger people dont see what he contributed, they see him as out of touch. From a different time.

    One reason for this disrespect is that he doesn't fit in with the Hip-Hop mindstate. Those in the industry and those who follow it dont see his relevance. Al Sharpton also has this problem.

    These guys are disregarded, but their contribution to society should not be under-valued. They might talk crap sometimes but they talk sense too.

    Game hit an easy target. That line don't mean shit to him really. It's a jab that wont be returned by Jessie. It's a cheap shot at an easy target. Game also talks about how Jesse shoulda been with Dr King (catching his body etc). Erm....HE WAS WITH HIM! (Also why not be mad at the dude who shot him. Surely thats more important)

    All these ignorant dudes are like 'Yeah Jesse aint shit. He wasnt there for his man. He's talking the same race shit as usual...'

    He's talking about the race shit cos the race shit never went away!!!

    Obama's emergence has led to people thinking everythings cool now but it's not. It's a step...but only one of many that still need to be taken.

    Yeah, some people will always be racist. But a lotta people are simply ignorant. How do you deal with this? Educate them, remind them, preach to them, protest....whatever it takes to keep the fight alive.

    The fighters dont feed racism. Racism feeds on ignorance.

    Leaving those rotten apples alone will simply infect the whole orchard. Deal with the rotten apples and the orchard wont get infected...

    Sorry for the long ass post. It might make no sense, whatever. Just my thoughts...

  18. jesus christ.. you KIDS are so apathetic while misunderstanding reality..

    you can do something one day and decide it was wrong and talk against it the next.. you people act like ... shit... you "act like you don't KNOW"

    rolls eyes* some PEOPLE want so bad to contribute to something that what they give is so full of it they can't even tell because they just want to be a part of the picture.

    that most sad part about all this IS you KIDS are convinced the "good guys" are looking for sales... they could give a fuck .. if they wanted sales they would STAY in g-unit.. if they wanted sales they wouldn't speak their REAL MIND on issues io fear of alienating idiots like.... yeah u get it.

    step your perception game up, having an opinion is one thing but being ignorant to a situation and the examples one gives is AND then giving that diluted opinion is just sad and detrimental to anyone that has their delusions backed up by your misguided perceptions...

    leaving the rotten apples alone is NEVER the answer... education.. moving the orchard... jesus man.. what the hell do they teach you kids theses days..

  19. lol and blaming obama.. oh man some of you are SO lost, woe to those that know not of what they speak

    obama and game for instance speak whats been on th emajority of peoples minds SINC the 70's jsut because the greedy idiots in office or congress make the rules doesn't MEAN that the MAJORITY can THINK DIFFERENT and not be sucked into the blackwhole of b.s. that this ALL is.

  20. simple summary,, ignorant children commentate on issues they dont understand. mixed with game haters, mixed with people that respond TO idiots with sense and expect them to understand.

    anonymous, you should stop wasting your time with these morons.

  21. look im from New York. There is racist left and right every fuckin day here. You cannot avoid it like NYC traffic. It will forever be there. Now, as I minority i have a choice either ignore the ignorance, fight it and hate it back, love it or try to make a change. I chose to ignore it.
    That Game line is too general..What does he mean it ain't about race now. America is built on race. Look how divided we are by race. thats a wack line from, Game. What does he mean by "IT" when he says "IT ain't about race now." Racism will never go away like roaches. Just ignore that shit, Real Power is People. Unite with people who are on the same Tip as you and go for it. Peace

  22. I love how 'Anonymous' can come here and spout his/her shit without putting a name to the comment in case people aint feeling his/her point.

    The Game line IS too general. It's a cheap shot with no real meaning.

    And some of y'all tryna say that Game is dropping knowledge and we're ignorant?


    By the way ,im 27. Im not ignorant. Maybe you guys are ignorant if you dont see OUR point.

    'some PEOPLE want so bad to contribute to something that what they give is so full of it they can't even tell because they just want to be a part of the picture.'

    Moi? I only contribute if I've got something to say. It's just a blog. Ivan got my point but I dont need to have my comments validated.

    And the apple point. Didnt understand?

    Racism doesnt exist in a vacuum. It spreads, it grows. Im not US based but even I know how bad things were over there for how many years?

    The only reason things seem ok now is due to people like MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks etc fighting for equality. They didnt leave things as they were. They fought until things were put right.

    Only an ignorant person would think that the fight is over and that everythings cool now. That's why people still need to fight for all of us.

    And the religion point. I know full well that religion is a big issue. But it's not connected to this issue. Religion affects the rest of the world and it's relationsip with the US.

    There are some bad things happening out here. But the race issue is still THE issue in the US. A Black president wont fix everything. But it's a step...

    Unity is great. But sometimes you gotta think 'By Any Means...'

  23. lol.. you idiots, it was much like a statement that nas made, to make people talk.. and here you are jabbering away at your misguided opinions..

    i'm telling you @anonymous, your talking to walls here, they have no idea what the point is so they babble about things.. just let them think they have a clue.

    @funk for a 27 year old, you think like a 16 year old.

    as a woman i know some one is full of shit when i see it.

    as boys wishing they were men; sadly you probably don't even have fathers) no wonder you PINE for attention, confirmation and believe your own drivel.

  24. some fo you don't get where game is coming from, L.A. not n.y. not texas or alabama.. put it into context.. it's 2007 not 65' jesus christ some of you need to educate your selfs before you share anything.

    @anonymous, i agree with those that are telling you to give up on these knobs eh, tell someone once and just let it go..

  25. "some fo you don't get where game is coming from, L.A. not n.y. not texas or alabama.. put it into context"

    ....I'm from L.A. too.... Home of Rodney King and the L.A. Riots. So pleeeeeeeeeeassseeeee don't tell me about my own city. K? Thanks...

    "it's 2007 not 65'..."


  26. Female Anonoymous: Why am I full of shit? Why do I sound like a 16 year old? You sound like the childish one.

    Im a grown man. I have a dad. I am educated. Unlike Kanye, im not a dropout. Anything else on your list?

    I think the attention seeker is the person who has to throw insults at others on the internet to make themselves feel good. You sound like a typical internet gangster.

    I really expect more from the fairer sex. At least I have the balls to put my name, age, location out there instead of hiding behind the anonymous tag.

    You must live in a really sheltered world if you think 'It aint about race now'.

    A suggestion: Go listen to a Paul Mooney tape. It's only comedy but you might learn something.

  27. Mooney is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. stop being an idiot doc, it doesn't suit you at all.

    and ivan, your a baby and what.. 7 years old when that happened? wow... stop fronting, it's ridiculous.. when they said put it into context they probably meant, YOUR NOT GAME you can't understand or relate to where he's coming from.. get a clue man.

  29. They burned down a video store around my corner (don't live there anymore though), and I remember that shit... So please stop faking the funk like you know me.

    This thing has dragged out to the point where it doesn't make sense anymore. Race is still a major issue in this country (as is class, which was mentioned in the comment section). If you wanna Stan-up with your boy Game, then that's fine. Keep in mind that it refutes everything that the big homie Nas has been talking about in '08 though... Think about it.

  30. Agree to disagree? Best thing really. Race is a big issue and it can divide opinion.

    What I wont accept though, is the impression that Game is droppin knowledge and we ignorant.

    His line got people heated, which was the whole point. He just wanted a reaction and he got one.

    At least Nas has some substance to back up his talking. Game just sounds tired by comparison.

    Im out...

  31. you were 7 years old...?

    who's to say i don't know you?

    .. gsme and nas dont need to agree to get along.. or make good points.

    certainly YOU don't need to base your opinion off theirs... i'm objective, i don't care much for games material in the first place. but i do recognize real.

    agreeing to disagree IS the way things should work.

    comparing ANYONE to nas(in the pop/hip hop, status) would make that who is compared to nas sound tired ;) .. black thought is the only seasoned major label artist in pop-rap that can hold his weight with nas on any issue(doesn't mean i have to agree with them, but they have sound ideas mostly) just my opinion.

    i'm glad some of us can agree to disagree.

  32. personally i don't think game wanted reaction exactly, i think he wanted to express his feelings, which he did, and to get people to discuss the idea.

    and who's to say it didn't READ like "fuck, jesse jackson...cause it aint about race now"...

    who? no body but game..

    you know? you said shit like.. fuck, man i can't believe that.." but you didn't literally MEAN "fuck man!"(man kind) get it yet?

  33. cause/cuz(cousin) sound very similar... the difference in the meaning of it would completely change the reaction some have given to it.

  34. "Nobody's color blind. Just ask those white boys (yeah, I went there) who got arrested two days ago in connection with a plot to assassinate Barack Obama. Those crazy f*cks sure as hell weren't color blind, and you can take it to the bank that their hatred is solely based on race and racism."

    the above must be the most ridiculous part of the whole write up, as a reader i'm disappointed in you. asking racist meth addicts is not a good way to prove a point. Infact it's just stupid to even write that.

    furthermore, just the term "those white boys" is JUST as racist as anything else... so in fact YOU are an idiot for this ridiculous article on more than just one level.

    so just because your stupid enough to push racist terms and be racial or even RACIST, doesn't mean everyone or even the majority of people are as stupid or young or arrogant or ignorant as it would take to do that.

  35. I'm so glad you brought that "white boys" comment up (I was waiting for it) because I was actually referencing tracks by (guess who?)... THE GAME!

    "Westside Story", "Church for Thugs", "Black Sox"

    I gotcha good, didn't I?

  36. idk about all this, but I thought Game was speakin on the whole jesse jackson sayin he wants to cut Obama's nuts off and how he [Jesse] thought Obama was talkin down on black people.

    I took it as, if someone like jesse jackson is sayin this kinda stuff and criticizing Obama like that, its not about what race you are, cuz not only whites are criticizing Obama....

  37. your an idiot ivan. your youthful stupidity is amazing. almost every post i read of yours in this comment section is absolutely stupid. but your last comment takes the cake.

    @diz. i agree.

  38. ah, we see you edited your original article because it was even more ridiculous than it is now.\ that's really classy.

  39. WTF? Check Google Cache.... I didn't edit anything!!

    "your an idiot"

    Let that sink in for a while.....


  40. Methinks 'anonymous' is a rival blogger or something. This has transcended the debate and now it's simply personal attacks on Ivan.

    BTW It's YOU'RE not YOUR!!! Who was the uneducated one?

    WHOOSH!!!! Did something else go over your head???????

  41. you and your cronnies are pretty stupid and funny ivan, i don't think i ever imagined you guys as such retards before. thanks for making it clear with all these nit picky, bitch ass comments you've posted.


  42. I think the anonymous comments are the bitchy and stupid ones tbf. Especially annoying is the way you use CAPITAL letters to make your STUPID points.

    Calling other peole stupid, uneducated, arrogant, idiots....real mature.

    I didnt see Ivan and his 'cronies' do that.

  43. Co-sign dizastix...

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are puppets. Give em money and tokens and they'll do what they gotta do. A true leader is Malcolm X.

  44. Game and Wayne are both whack and if anyone is listening to their opinions or paying attention to it please just let it go. You can stop melting your brain. Their whack ass music does enough of that.

    It ain't about race? Who the fuck was Game trying to win over with that statement? I cosign Ivan. Anonymous is a clown and should be ignored. Gotta stop paying attention to these internet clowns. Just don't respond.

    Race is a huge issue, I could go on and on about how race is an issue and effects us everyday but why? If you don't know that you probably live miles away from any Afro-Americans. The fact that Obama's race comes into play at all says something about this nation.

    Does anyone have any footage of Obama in front of a majority Black crowd? I haven't seen it. That's more telling than anything else. Obama has to disconnect with his people at a certain level to be accepted by another group. He's doing what's best for his campaign but that's race in this nation.

    Jesse and Al need to sit down though. Marching is played out and doesn't do a damn thing but gain awareness to a bunch of people who really don't give a damn and if they do it won't incite them to any action past marching for a day.

  45. shut your stupid asses up with your "i know it all mentality"

    especially "little brain" aka "the big chief.

  46. its not about race , you cant place a label on all white people because a few that decided to do something horrific , you cnat do that because how owuld you feel if we saw a african american being arrested , and said theyre all criminlas you cant do that becaus etheyre not . I am neither races but still feel that people will look at one person and assume thats how they all are , and its sad . Its not about rac enow , i agree with the game ! and im not color blind , i believe we are a human race before we are a color race !

  47. Bunch of racist black boys/girls in these posts