Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded [The Samples]

Perhaps one of the most influential hip hop records of all time (top 10, no question), Criminal Minded was a tightly-packed album with 0% filler. Released in 1987, the album propelled KRS-One to the forefront of elite emcees as the infamous Bridge Wars soon set into motion. The album featured production by KRS and the late Scott La Rock, as well as by Ultramagnetic MC's' Ced Gee. The samples included some rock, funk, and even some reggae. Enjoy this fun set!


  1. thanks for the fire. =)

  2. We didn't start the fire.

    It was always burning.

    Since the world's been turning.

  3. Good looks 'Cane ...

  4. I see u doing re up's....Could u do the BDP please? THX