Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Tape Deck '09: The Best of 2009


  1. I was waiting for this. Thanks a lot man.

  2. Is rapidshare the only option? It's telling me I can only dl if I have a premium ($) account. :(

  3. Does it say this:

    Currently a lot of users are downloading files. Please try again in 2 minutes or become a Premium member ...?

    If so, just wait 2 minutes and it should be fine afterwords.

  4. This is the message I keep receiving:

    "This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member

    There are no more download slots available for free users right now. If you don't want to become a premium member, you might want to try again later."

    I haven't dl'ed using RS in over a week, so this is odd, but I'll keep trying.

  5. been having the same problem with these links. checked the day you posted and again just now.

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