Monday, December 14, 2009

Candles & Crates, Night #4: Even More Gang Starr

Gang Starr - Rarities Volume A (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume B (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume C (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume D (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume E (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume F (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume G (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume H (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume I (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume J (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume K (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume L (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume M (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume N (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume O (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume P (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume Q (2003)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume R (2004)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume S (2004)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume T (2004)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume U (2004)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume V (2004)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume W (2004)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume X (2004)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume Y (2005)
Gang Starr - Rarities Volume Z (2005)


  1. i've only heard bad things about western digital drives..

  2. Are these niggas from your hood or something with all this Gang Starr?

  3. it's ridiculous how much robin hooding is going on, one track here and there is one thing, promos are another.. but this... is unacepptable, who do you think you are? robin hood? there is a path for people like you that steal full length music and brazenly give it away like your saint nick.

    have fun in court.

  4. I'm Mr. Claus if he was a hip hop Heeb. I've never dropped music like this before, but I wanted to do something special for Cha-noo-kah.

    Your turn. My balls are in your court.

  5. @Anon #3: DJ Premier's my favorite producer.

    @Anon #2: I had a bad experience with the MyBook series (tried two of them...both crapped out). I've had nothing but success with the Passport line though. I've got 1 Essential and 2 Elites. Haven't tried the new model yet; I recommend the one pictured above but that's just based on my experience. I'm not much of a techy so don't take my word as the gospel. Again, based on my experience, well worth the dough.

  6. i don't know about the first person that called you on this, but now that it's out there i'll put in my two pennies.
    i'll premise this with, i know you're not stupid but you couldn't be more wrong than you are.

    if you wanna do something special then go work at the local shelter and hand out food, and if you already do that, then good for you and then you have no excuse not to do it again.

    you're doing just the oppisite by stealing nearly an entire cataloug and giving it away as if your in the right here, you are so wrong it's sad.

    the fact is your blog is already special, and going to the length you have this time is way to far.

    you should be ashamed of your self and just own up to your youthful mistake, erase your candles for crates and move on with it. or suffer the consequences, trust me there will be consequences. i won't be back to hold your hand on this issue but i am gonna make sure guru knows, premier already knows and just thinks your an idiot, i guareentee you that guru is gonna cut your e-balls off.

    it is clear that you your self are swining from hip hop and gang starrs balls, the irony.

  7. As I was telling Dom Corleone, I'm not releasing any albums. Swining? Oh, swinging! Swinging from hip hop's balls? Huh? Who/what are you? Cataloug? Are you European?

  8. wow, it would make sense that if you're such a fanboy of premier then you would never have labeled the rarities as gang starr.

    in case you over looked it, that series is strictly premiere prodcution. are you high?

  9. @anons trying to help this robin hood blogger, don't waste your time, i guess this spot needs to get sued or shut down before they'll figure out exactly how things work, just let him fall on his face, you're not his mother.

  10. Stop talking to yourself anon. It's just you and I.

  11. i don't know if it's funny or weird that i haven't replied until now since i first posted and that you think contrary.

    i'm gonna side with weird, but still laugh because it's funny.

  12. Has anyone diagnosed you with DID yet? :D

  13. how can you assume so much? it's so weird.

    and what is odder is your attention is focused on your assumption that i have now posted more than three times instead of taking into account how wrong you are on all sides.

  14. clearly it hasn't occured to him that more than one person can use an i.p.

    and that i.p.' can be masked and completely falsified in order to fool a know it all!

  15. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. IP numbers specifically. Coincidence? I think not. If these posts are deemed inappropriate, Blogger will notify me as such. This link has been up for just short of 2 years:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    This one's been up since '06:

    Tell Preem I said hi. Good night.

  16. we see you ivan, don't get so weird about this, just fall back from your pillfering of nearly an entire catalog(preem), and yes there are three of us in this house. and yes two of us commented from the same computer and yes, you avoided the whole point for a long time, preem is not happy and in all lilkely hood will make sure you find out.

    i gather the weirdest thing so far is thinking that just because no one important(copyright owners) knew about your blog and those posts until yesterday makes you think it's okay. your still wrong and you will be held accountable.

    ...james here< eh, why are you posting content you stole? let alone stuff you already posted...

    good night, sylvia says hi and wonders why "you so wrong?!"

  17. This is Anon # 3 back again and I just wanna say that nobody on the streets listens to Guru and me on this one. They're lucky that somebody's even downloading their ish and listening to it cuz nobody gives them light of day nowadays. real talk.

    the streets

  18. fuck these other faggots..

    props for the uploads


  19. no, your the faggot...frickin faggot