Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can I Get a Suuuu... for iTunes?

When you break down the catalogs and quiz me on lyrics from Jay-Z and Wu-Tang albums, my standom – this may surprise you – for Jay’s music would get a much higher score. You saw me rooting for Rae’s new album not because I dislike Jay (truthfully he’s in my top 5), but because I wanted to root for the underdog. Picking between two mainstream audience holders like Kanye and 50 a couple of years ago was one thing, but Rae vs. Jay in a SoundScan battle? It’s not even a fair fight. Still, I put my energy into highlighting the Chef’s release to, again, help out the underdog.

Once the albums had already reached their release date, I was surprised to learn that Rae was ahead of Jay on iTunes’ album chart. Huh? How could that happen? Jay-Z had two songs (“D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)” and, more prominently, “Run This Town”) blowing up radio stations all across the country. Rae had a couple of underground cuts to keep the heads hungry for more. Just as far as reaching an audience, Jay’s dominance was unquestionable. So how could Rae top Jay on the charts? Well, for starters, I noticed that iTunes had two versions for The Blueprint 3 on its list: one with bonus tracks, one without. Still, I would have assumed that either of these two versions would have outsold Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II by leaps and bounds. Which leads me to my next question/conspiracy theory: Is iTunes telling the truth?

I have very little material with which to make this claim other than the fact that back in 2007, Jay-Z quite publicly made it a point that he was not selling his new American Gangster album via the Apple Inc.-operated store. I’m sure they didn’t take kindly to this decision. Now truth be told, I don’t see how denying Jay the top spot on iTunes’ albums chart would be a way to effectively counter-attack him for his move in 2007, but it still makes me wonder… Again, as big of a supporter I am for Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, I can’t for the life of me explain or even imagine how it beat The Blueprint 3 for the top spot. For me, it’s still a mystery… but what do you think?


  1. i think your being ridiculous and they don't combine the bonus track version with the regular album version sales, and lastly only morons even think twice about this in the first place.

    it's one thing to try to help someone realize they are a moron but to actually make a post on a blog asking how could this happen mean your just ridiculous. it's rather pathetic. and as always you'll laugh off the truth and use grammar or spelling or some idiotic excuse to help you put your head back in the sand.

    enjoy your idiocy and please don't stop thinking your shit don't stink, it suits you now that you've made it a habit.

  2. Women lie, men lie, numbers don't....

  3. I know I'm not popular enough to have a hater/stalker, but somehow... I do anyways. Quite odd. Gotta brush you off homie.

    Even with the separate versions counted as individual releases, I'm STILL surprised that either of the two (and definitely both) were below OB4CLII on the charts.

    I'll hold off from further skepticism when we see the weekend sales results.

  4. *week-end <--- there's a difference

  5. lol at least you didn't disappoint on the grammar and spelling;)

    but yeah, the responses i give have nothing to do with hate or you personally so don't give your self so much credit. it's the ideas you relay that many have, only you have a platform to flaunt these ideas. i wouldn't be so surprised not everyone agrees with you and some are willing to tell you straight up with no sugar on top, you should be grateful ya dick;)

  6. I was doing some thinking the other day, this is what I thought.

    After spending an hour polishing up the whip, it looked amazing, but there where a still places where there were marks, unclean etc, so i tried to get them all, but still some stood out, no matter how much i tried it wasn't looking perfect, this got me thinking, the car looked 10x better than it did the other day (relative to been unclean and un polished) and yet unlike the other day the flaws stuck out more. This is allot like jay, the homi does good, real good, but any flaw/scratch etc stands out so much more than the fellow man.

    I wanted to reward jay for stepping out the box, he doesn't need my money, but if it sends a message to hip hop that shit needs to evolve, rae is in more need of the money, so I'm torn.

    At the end of the day, if you're talking more about the politics (sales, release dates, controversy etc) then you have lost music to bullshit.

    That's where blog/hip hop has gone another way, people tried to make it more than it was, somewhere along the lines people stopped arguing over who had the best music (for the right reasons, musicality etc)

    I'm getting kinda sick of the childish shit it hip hop

    "I'm getting too old for the shit" - Roger Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon)

  7. ^ I agree 100%. Sales meaning NOTHING to me. Still I'm quite surprised that Rae "outsold" Jay on iTunes. I can't wrap my head around that...

  8. fucking blogger, now for my third attempt at posting this text

    When Rae got the call I *think* Jay-Z album was only on PRE order.

    As it currently stands jay has #1 & #2 album on iTunes OVERALL chart, yes bitch's, he has the top two slots (due to the deluxe been treated as a separate sale)

    Rae current overall rank is #3

    What can we conclude from this that keeps everyone smiling???


    we run this town tonight.....

  9. Both albums dropped on Sept. 8th. I knew that EVENTUALLY Rae would slide down below Jay's spot... Still, it was weird to see him at the top.

  10. you couldn't buy bp3 on itunes before sept 11 though. the version that was placed second/third/fourth behind ob4cl2 wasn't available for purchase, only pre-order. as soon as sept 11 hit, jay's album was on top, like it currently is

  11. ^ yup, as far as I know that's how it went down

    Also here are the ranks for the Clean cuts

    BP3 Clean #14
    BP3 Deulxe Clean #36

  12. So... Even though it came out on the 8th, you couldn't buy it on iTunes 'til the 11th?

    Now I see...

  13. Everyone already answered the question. BP3 wasn't available until 9/11 on iTunes. Sales mean nothing, however to have the TOP 3 selling albums on iTunes is big to me.

    Two New York Giants from those good years (to me) from 92-97 at the top of anything is great.

  14. At least you can get BP3 now. In the UK we have to wait til Monday.

    Although my CD is on its way. I dont care how rich he is, if I like an album enough I buy it.

    However I see no deluxe version on my iTunes. Only a version with bonus videos.

    BTW I rip my Jay-Z albums Apple Lossless so I got the hook up if y'all want links.

    Man its hard to post this.

  15. And why so much hate Anonymous?

    You seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

    Brush it off.

  16. Ivan,

    There is another side of this issue you didn't quite mention.

    While heads have been talking about if they were going to get BP3 or not, almost anyone I talked to that routinely buys music anymore all confessed that getting the OBFCL2 was a matter of principle. - I didn't purchase BP3 but I tend to never buy Jay-Z material -

    If I compared BP and OBFCL, I will ALWAYS pick the certified Wu banger and while Jay-Z has done more since then, I feel that if we don't support more "underground-ish" hip-hop, it will be lost on us.

    Yet another factor is the hard vs soft copy (yea yea.. Pause)availability. Most places are going to have plenty of copies of BP3.. the same will not be said of OBFCL2. So getting it off iTunes (or Amazon) was the best option no matter what.