Monday, January 5, 2009

Cenk Uygur Explains Israel's War Tactics


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  1. fired a couple of rockets, lol, get you facts straight.

    for fuckin 7-8 years they've made and still making the lives of the southern civilians of israel miserable, for no reason.
    we even left ghaza in an almost civil-war situation back in 2005, just to allow ghaza and palestine to grow and as an effort for peace and the idea of 2 nations.
    that just made it possible for hamas to take over, terrorize it's people, and shoot rockets even further north, right from the locations where our civilians used to live and got evacuated in 2005.
    you try to live, in a democratic state under constant rocket sirens.

    most of the casualties in this operation are hamas, and because the hamas is using their people as shields, hide weapons and themselves in mosques, university, and civilian buildings, this is what you get.

    did you see al jazeera recently? they shoot a pile of bodies, some are still alive and crying for help, and all they do is stand near the pile and act infront of camera.

    and it's not like their rockets are conventional, they got small round metal bullets inside their heads that spread when they hit, in an attempt to cause more damage and to hit more people.

    check some of these vids out.. open your eyes.
    there are more out there in youtube that i can't find that tell the story much better..

  2. Why do you say "we" left Gaza? Are you Israeli?

  3. I wonder why Israel won't let reporters in to Gaza so the media can verify what anon. says is true???

  4. yep, i'm from here (19 years in this hellhole, tho not born here).

    israel won't let reporters in that warzone, cause there's heavy fire going on there, there are landmines everywhere, and we have some respect for the dead and won't shoot dead bodies and show them on national tv.
    just like we don't show our dead & wounded, if we did, the whole story would be different, it would'nt be so one-sided in opinions across the world.

    yesterday a palestinian contacted israeli news and said on the phone that hamas locked him inside with his children and are shooting at IDF from that location, making our forces call airstrikes and kill,by mistake, innocents & hamas.

    they used the UN building (aka school) yesterday the same way, they hide inside the crowds and shoot at IDF from those locations, this time tho, they thought IDF won't shoot at them cause it's a UN building.

    as you saw in that youtube vid with the hamas "soldier" (terrorist) taking a small child with him as protection, that's how they roll there..
    more civilians dead, the faster a cease fire will come, the faster they get re-armed and re-organized, and show the world that the extremists won again.. plus it makes israel look bad.

    tell me this, did you see on your news, in the past 8 years, that hamas is shooting rockets on israel?
    probably not every day (cause it happened every day for the people of Sderot), that's why the world thinks we attacked first, and that it's not a defence act.

    we don't want innocents dead, but that's war on terror, they hide, they use their people (we send food and supplies to gaza every day since the operation started, and hamas takes that shit to themselves and you get a humanitarian crisis, is that a democratic government that we can negotiate with and come to peace with?), we have no other choice, just like the US had no choice with al qaeda back in 2001.

    we use every means neccesary to avoid innocents getting killed..
    hacking their radio & television and telling people from this and that neighbourhood to stay inside or evacuate the area in this and that hour.
    we do that by dropping flyers in arabic from the sky as well..
    we check our intel about targets and act differently in case we know there might be civilians inside.

    we got soldiers inside filming some short clips of the operation, that IDF's spokeperson publishes..
    that's about it.
    you can see some airstrikes on rocket supplies and launchers, yesterday there were clips from inside houses where the soldiers found another underground tunnel, probably just an escape route.

  5. Igal, it doesn't matter what the IDF supposedly does to lessen the amount of civilian deaths, because Israel shouldn't exist in the first place. It was a mistake to take the land from the people it belonged to and give it to someone else; and now what we have is a proxy war between the U.S. and Iran being fought in Gaza by ignorant pawns. You want some Palestinians on your side, Igal? Make the leaders of Israel stop expanding its borders. Stop the occupation of land that isn't yours.

  6. there's a whole different story to palestine than what is said..
    it was filled with swamps back when our first settlers arrived.. just a few native villages, and no intension to build an islamic country.
    it's more the idea that we decided to live near them (islamic nations) that angers them.
    but hey, they won't stop leaning on that past, and on religion.
    i don't know what you're talking about, the whole expanding our borders thing, like for real, when was the last time we did that officialy*? in 05 we even did the reverse thing.
    the only expanding happening is of some illegal jewish settlers that won't obey the law and build small temporary villages near palestinian areas, we're still working on how to stop that.

    and you can't tell leaders shit these days, politicians are liers the minute they are elected.

    and this mini-war ain't got nothing to do with the states and iran.
    the war with hizzbolah (in lebanon) was more like it (hizzbolah is financed heavily by iran, and they attacked and made us respond).

  7. people need to get that WE'RE HERE, WE AIN'T LEAVING, LET'S TALK 2 NATIONS.
    but hamas and other extremists just want us dead, and not the freedom and peace between our people.
    so they buy rockets and bombs, instead of making their people's lives better.
    if all that money spent on ways to kill our people, would have gone to their people, gaza would'nt be so 3rd world, think about it.