Monday, October 20, 2008

HHIR Needs Your Help


I'm compiling a Nas/Large Professor compilation for a HHIR exclusive: all tracks with Nas on the mic, Extra P on the beats. I'm almost done with it, except for some tracks off Nas's demo I think may have been produced by Large Professor. I'm not 100% on these, since I haven't been able to turn up any credible information on the production credits for the tape.

I need more information on the producers of the tracks listed below (I've put a * next to any track I'm pretty sure was produced by Extra P):

1. Understanding - 3:13
2. Life Is Like A Dice Game - 2:40
3. Just Another Day In The Projects - 3:12
4. Deja Vu - 3:47 *
6. Everything Is Real - 2:15
7. I'm A Villain - 4:23 *
8. Number One With A Bullet - 4:15 ft Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy
9. Nas Will Prevail - 4:57 *

There's another track I wanted to check out:

"Black Zombie" - produced by Large Professor, off Lost Tapes.

According to one listing on Discogs; another says it's produced by Hill, Inc., who also produced a track on Large Professor's album, 1st Class. Hmm...

Leave a comment or email me (contact information on the right sidebar) if you have any more information. Appreciate it!



    ^^^^from "The Lost Tapes" booklet

  2. "The second classic-status song in this trilogy is actually the original. Known as Nas Will Prevail and passed around primarily through the bootleg circuit, it's Nas plus Large Professor plus Human Nature once more."

    according to this page:

    don't know how credible that is tho...

  3. Stay Chisel

    still gets plays!!

  4. in fact, "Black Zombie" is a b-side on the "Got Yourself A..." 12", 2002, and produced by both Large Professor AND Hill.

    hope this helps.

  5. Mihau: Thank you. I think I'll include it then.
    aYo: "Stay Chisel" will definitely be in the comp.

  6. but as Anonymous said, in the credits to "The Lost Tapes" (vinyl copy) Large Pro isn't credited - I just checked again. and it's no remix or anything, it's the same beat... odd.