Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sample Set #153: Wu-Massacre

Well... this certainly wasn't the Meth, Ghost & Rae album we were waiting for. As I said on Twitter, it sucks that Def Jam spent more money on the sick graphic design than on making sure the music held up to expectations. Wu-Massacre definitely had some solid tracks, but fell flat as an LP/album. Oh well... This sample set is undoubtedly incomplete but it's got plenty of great tunes you may have never heard before, namely the title theme for the Bollywood film Shalimar. Turn it up!!


  1. Hmm, well I wasn't dissappointed with it. I would rate it higher than Rae's CL2. Granted it's not a very long album, but I believe in theory of sometimes less is more. As in, I'll be listening to this album more than if it had more tracks.

  2. Wow this is a seriously nice set of music to freak into dope beats.

    That Shalimar shit is doooope. It's like Isaac Hayes meets Curtis Mayfield meets Les Baxter with Ravi Shankar. And I love that sparse Fantasy Three "It's Your Rock" track.

    They totally freaked it and it ups my impression of the Wu Massacre album even more after hearing all the musical knowledge that went into making it.

    Thanks, Ivan!!!

  3. Thanks guys, another quick sample set, how do you find all this stuff!
    I think I will listen to the album a couple more times before checking it out. It will be interesting to see if people can identify & add more tracks later.

    Cheers People

  4. A couple of points for why IMO this album succeeds;

    1) The money issue that Ivan mentioned, if it was a factor or not, I feel is irrelevant. I strongly believe that when it comes to certain art forms such as movies and music, the less financial resources you have can force more creativity out of you and as a result can make for a better product. Look at all the early Wu albums for example. Raw, dirty basement studio-type shit that still holds up to todays standards of dopeness. Often the more money is thrown at something, the more options you have and the more room there is to fuck it up. Not always the case, to me Wu projects should be down, dirty and cheap. When ever their budget is too big they stray from the formula and turns into high quality bullshit.

    2) The shortness of the album and tracks that I mentioned earlier, coming to think of this album as a comic book with the awesome cover art so the length of the album really adheres to the quasi-comic book theme. Besides that cover art is the dopest album artwork in prolly 20 years? Maybe more.

    I think it would dope to release these comic book type albums from the Wu as a sort of series, like two every year. Next one could be Rza, U-god and Deck or something..

    Keep'em coming!

  5. Oh and release actual comic books with these shits!

  6. dont get me wrong ghost is in my top five of all time, but his raps just arent hittin the mark for me anymore. it does hurt to say it.