Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year. Same Kobe.

If Kobe Bryant isn't the rightful successor to Jerry West's "Mr. Clutch" moniker, then who is? LeBron? Get real! How many last-second shots has Kobe made this season? I've lost track. It's gotten to the point where we as Laker fans are spoiled beyond the conceivable; it's hardly realistic. Apparently Hollywood is more than just a film industry - it's a state of mind. And everybody loves a happy ending. We're lucky enough to get it. All. The. Time. Back2Back!


  1. Every game that he does this, I think the same thing about the being spoiled bit.

    Even as we were down 2 with dude from Sac about to shoot two free throws, I thought to myself: Kobe's got this. Let's win this shit already.

    Another amazing win. This season is proving to be unbelievable.

  2. Wow... Really?? The back of his left foot was definitely past the out of bounds line. It can be clearly seen on at least 2 different camera angles on the replays. How did the refs not see that during the review of the shot? I guess they were more focused on whether he got the shot off before time expired... Great job refs! Honestly that's wack though. I mean Kobe is a great player and definitely a clutch shooter, but let's not bypass or overlook things now cause people are gonna start with the Jordan comparisons real hard soon because of these last second shots... and we don't need that at all.

  3. @SBK

    His heels never touched the line a la Sean Elliott in the Memorial Day Miracle. That's why the refs took so long to confirm the shot. It was obvious that the ball was out of his hands with 0.1 of a second left, but they weren't sure if his heels lowered to touch the line.