Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In Stores Today: December 1, 2009

Biz Markie - Diabolical: The Biz's Greatest Hits
Worth it? When it comes to certain artists, I go all out, getting their full discographies, deep cuts and all. Biz Markie isn't that kind of artist. I just want to hear his hits. My iPod is filled with a Biz Mark' greatest hits compilation, but it isn't this one. It's this one, released two years ago. Compare and contrast the tracklisting (plus bonus features of the latter disc) and tell me I'm wrong.

The Bravery - Stir the Blood
Worth it? This Pitchfork review pretty much sums up this monotonous record. Truth be told, I can't even figure out why I've included this album here to begin with...

Enya - The Very Best of Enya
Worth it? Being that we're covering greatest hits albums and non-hip-hop releases, why not Enya as well? This best of collection features newly-remastered classics from the Irish songstress, including the hypnotic "Boadicea", which was sampled on The Fugees' "Ready or Not" from The Score and a few other tracks. If anything, you might wanna just check out the remastered copy of "Boadicea" - its euphoric soundscape alone surely worth ninety-nine cents.

Juvenile - Cocky & Confident
Worth it? Even though he fits the profile of your typical, amorphous southern rapper, I've always had a soft spot for Juvenile. He's a character, kind of in the same vein -- though less profound -- as Pimp C. Admittedly, Cocky & Confident lacks the breakout hit that Reality Check benefited from "Rodeo". Give this one a download.

LMNO - Devilish Dandruff with Holy Shampoo
Worth it? I listened to this album and it kinda went from one ear and out the other. There's no staying power here. I'm not a fan of LMNO's flow (or lack thereof) and delivery. The production also failed to reach me. Download this one if you're curious, otherwise keep it moving...

R. Kelly - Untitled
Worth it? Suuuure. And while you're at it, why don't you go ahead and pick up Rosemary's Baby, Repulsion, Knife in the Water, What? and Pirates as well. SMH...

Souls of Mischief - Montezuma's Revenge
Worth it? It's a good thing I didn't finalize my Top 20 of '09 list yet, because Montezuma's Revenge is just in the nick of time to earn a spot of its own. Souls of Mischief's return to form is truly something to marvel over, because to me this record feels more like a follow-up to their classic debut 93 'til Infinity than anything else (and this is their fourth album). On Montezuma's Revenge, Del calls Prince Paul the "soul master". The title is fitting. Production on this album is nothing short of phenomenal, with standout beats like "Postal", "Tour Stories", "For Real Y'all", "Home Game" and more, many of which feel like they were conceived in the '90's and completed in the '00's. The feel of the album matches the laid-back party vibe of Oakland in the heyday, mixed with the clean presentation of new-millenium beats. There's just one way to look at it: this is fun, enjoyable hip hop at some of its best. I wouldn't highly recommend this album if I didn't really mean it, West coast bias aside (trust me). Real hip hop is still alive... if you want it. Shouts to John and Yoko. Bottom line: This album is worth your spinach, and that makes Montezuma's Revenge Hip Hop Is Read's...

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  1. Nice to see the Souls are back. I'll invest my spinach(or at least the napster gift card!).

  2. I really hope no one buys that Kels album.. They might as well spend the money on a lapdance from a stripper with C-section scars. Yuggccckkk! (c) Pusha

  3. ur wrong about two Biz Albums... "The Biz Never Sleeps' and "All Samples Cleared" are both great the whole album through. Ur missing out if u don't love both those joints.

  4. That Souls of Mischief album is indeed dope

  5. The Souls album is pretty incredible, glad to see them back on the thrown. As for LMNO, he is steadily growing on me and his new album is definitely a banger. I know a lot of people don't like his flow and delivery (like the above writer), but I feel like it's the most original and true, especially in this day and age of clones. Copped both albums, definitely worth it.

  6. As for comparing Juve to Pimp C. Pu-lease! The Pimp had more charisma,personality and swag in his left thumb than Juvenile has in hole body. Plus Cocky and Confident is mad mediocre at best.

    On another note I would support Bill O'Reily twice before I would support anything Kells affiliated.

    Anyway, Thanks for the reviews.

  7. Biz releases his best of album again with an almost identical cover, an identical tracklist plus 2 more tunes and some videos? alright then....

  8. On the singles release Yung Ro's "Fresha Den A Mall" is a worthy mention. If your a fan of the extremely handsome rapper it is a step in a new direction for the 18yr old St.Louis rapper. Tis CEO of BPEnt should have a long prosperous career ahead of him.