Saturday, November 7, 2009

Disturbing: Congressman John Shadegg Uses Child as a Political Prop

I don't know anymore, man... I... I just don't know...


  1. The baby is not Rep. Shadegg's grandchild... He stated that he merely WISHED she was.

    Nevertheless, I found it hilarious how Baby Maddie kept batting away the microphone as the Congressman spoke on her behalf.

  2. If that's what Maddy thinks, then fuck Maddy!

  3. better than using the color of your skin, like all the blacks did with Obama

  4. sent to Shadegg's email - please feel free to copy and paste!

    Dear Congressman Shadegg,

    Your recent use of an infant child to argue against the Health Care Reform bill was not only an insult to the intelligence of the American people, it further debased the state of political discourse in the country. While you may have been trying to perform good political theater to further your cause, it did nothing to educate the people about your possible legitimate arguments with the bill and instead attempted to use the "cute factor" to sway their opinion. This kind of pandering to the lowest common denominator is a major reason why the American economy, educational system, and social institutions are in decline.

    Despite your statements to the contrary, "Maggie" does not believe in freedom and small government - she has no beliefs at all! She is an infant, not yet capable of even forming words, yet alone complex political ideologies. I, and other educated voters like me however, are capable of these intellectual leaps, and when we see you representing the state of Arizona in this way on national news coverage we will be making a choice to not support you in the future. Instead of relying on lazy, emotionally-based psuedo-arguments on an issue of such overwhelming importance, I would encourage you and the Republican opposition to put your energy into crafting legislation that actually solves the wide variety of problems we face as a nation - including climate change, cuts to education (especially here in your home state!), investment in clean, renewable energy, and solutions to the economic crisis that go beyond ideological measures like tax giveaways and "leaving things up to the free market."

    In closing, it dismayed me to see that a Democrat colleague of yours followed your lead and brought his children onto the floor of the House during the debate as well. Perhaps the public would be greatly swayed by seeing all future Congressional debates conducted via animated puppies and kittens? In the "race to the bottom" of intellectual debate we all lose.


    A concerned constituent.

  5. Haha Yeah that's pretty wack. Maddy's batting away the Mic like, "No, I never said that!"

    But never the less, he's right. This health care reform is gonna fck things up soooo bad :(

  6. To whoever wrote that long ass letter...

    Your a huge Faggot lol.

  7. When your party is in trouble of not getting their way, you know what to do... Pander to those who are pro life and children lovers a like, then start babbling lies while throwing your voice to a child pretending that's what she wants. Even if she's still in diapers. What da funk was that about. The girl is new to the world not even 5 years old yet, but she's old enough to be a pandering tool to the American people...

  8. This nigga a dweeb