Tuesday, September 15, 2009

K'naan - The Messengers Pt. 3 (Bob Dylan) | Download

This is like what that Pepsi commercial sounds like - only 20+ minutes longer and much, much better. Top 5: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan. He spits HOT FIYAH! © D.C. K'naan's biographical interludes are great, especially as he pulls from some of the best of Dylan's socially conscious-based catalog.

Tracklisting + (Rapidshare) Download Link Below:
1. K'naan - Introduction to Bob Dylan (3:12)
2. K'naan - Rhythmic Poetry (Interlude) (0:25)
3. K'naan - Don't Think Twice (Messengers Remix) (3:18)
4. K'naan - No Great Message (Interlude) (0:27)
5. K'naan - 4th Time Around (Messengers Remix) (3:12)
6. K'naan - Voice of the Other Side (Interlude) (0:49)
7. K'naan - Lay Lady Lay (Intro) (0:55)
8. K'naan - Relationships Lay (Messengers Remix) (2:52)
9. K'naan - This Is a True Story (Interlude) (0:21)
10. K'naan - Hard Rain (Messengers Remix) (4:08)
11. K'naan - Bonus: It's Alright, Ma (J.Period Remix) (2:55)


  1. Ever since I saw K'Naan opening for a Mos Def/Talib Kweli show (actually minus Mos Def that night), been itching for more of this MC's Afro-inspired beats and lyrics. These Messengers mixtapes are right on the money, keep killin it K'naan. Esp this Dylan one, I've tried listening to Bob Dylan before to expand my horizons, but found him a little boring, but these beats J.Period put together has definitely made him palatable for me.

  2. Rapidshare says the file is no longer available.

  3. the messengers are really great and what they do also, but k'naan he is othe person who always kills rap and everything that he is doing. mos def also he is goog and j period, po dyland, talib kweli all this guys are great...... nas also, one of my best rappers .
    but the boy k'naan, is wonderful rapper,poet,singer. he really go hard in what ever that he doin.