Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They Reminisce Over You... Ted Kennedy

Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy
(February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009)

Long Live the Lion


  1. At least he died a natural death?
    His hockey-playing namesake also died about a week ago.

  2. I didnt really know anything about this guy.

    But I read a couple of things today.

    Didnt he support the IRA?

    Didnt he kill a woman in a car crash and not call the cops?

    Didnt he evade taxes on his real estate?

    Didnt he block the building of windmill energy farms because they would ruin his view?

    Didnt he cheat at Harvard?

    I dont know if all these points are true, but even so why is this man a hero?

  3. Because American culture glorifies the dead, no matter what type of life they led.
    Take Michael Jackson as an example.

  4. Hate all you want, Ted Kennedy got legislative *hit done.

  5. If that IRA stuff is true then Mr Kennedy deserves to be rebuked for that.

    I dont know much about him either. Obviously JFK was well known but I dont know squat about the rest of them.

    But the IRA terrorised the UK for years. There was an IRA bomb in my city.

    IRA did way more than Al Qaeda in the UK.

    If this guy did covertly/overtly support them then he shouldnt be lauded.

    That said I dont know anything about his positive political moves or accomplishments.

    The IRA thing just hits hard because that was a big problem for us.