Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sample Set #149: Return of the Boom Bap

Released in 1993, KRS-One’s debut solo album Return of the Boom Bap featured production from the greats like DJ Premier, Kid Capri, Showbiz and even KRS himself. Albums like Return of the Boom Bap (and, as a general rule, an artist of KRS-One’s caliber) emphasize the importance of both phenomenal production as well as clever wordplay – both in delivery and content. Laced full of heavy-knocking though jazzy and sometimes minimalistic beats, KRS drops knowledge on choice cuts like “Sound of Da Police” and “Black Cop”; but my favorite would have to be “Higher Level”. Just listen to it (again.. and again). How could Kris not possibly be considered a top-5 emcee?


  1. Yo This is my favorite album! AWESOME SAMPLE SET MY DUDE!!!

    "How could Kris not be considered a top 5 emcee?" he cant because he went cuckoo after the I Got Next album. plus he's crazy right now too. i'd consider him in my top 5 back in 1994.

  2. dope set...props IVAN

  3. he is Top 1 for me forever

  4. yo this one of the dopest blogs ive ever come across hands down!! big ups!! and it just proves the point that hip hop heads do cherish and embrace the originals and the original artists, cause with out them, there would be no classic hip hop tracks..but yo can you update the links to alot of the albums!! alot dont work!! big ups from Canada!!

    check out for up-todate hip hop music aswell as concert dates and documentaries!!! Awesome blog dude..keep up the good work!!