Monday, August 31, 2009

Once Again It's On...

...Young run through you n***as/
Like a glitch in the computer n***a/
I'm the sh*t, I'm a sewer n***a/
This is Jay everyday, no days off, Ferris Bueller n***a/


  1. Checked the Wiki.....its true.


  2. Alphaville came from Germany. And a german rapper named "Bushido" (a wack rapper) already sampled this...

  3. Jay Z's album is a complete piece of trash.
    DOA is the best beat on it. Maybe 3 other beats even listenable.
    Don't understand people steady dangling from this camels ballsack. He sucks.
    And the Swizz Beats joint is god awfully annoying.
    I don't know what makes this guy an A List producer.
    He makes 2 great beats a year and shits out 200 pieces of trash.
    If I was a thug , his Lamborghini would be a Lambor Gone EE.

  4. Swizz Beatz is annoying as fuck.

    Alicia could do so much better....

  5. This is Jay everyday, no days off, Ferris Bueller n***a/

    wtf does this bullshit mean?

  6. A play on the film title Ferrir Bueller's Day Off... C'mon now...

  7. Actually, Kanye doesn't sample Alphaville. Technically, it's a re-sung interpolation, so you can call off the mass shooting spree.

  8. I love Jay but I encourage him to retire from rap. Its like he forgot how to rap. BP3 sounds like bad Dj blends. Its like Jay recorded his vocals for completely different tracks than the ones they ended up on.

    Its just sounds off. And personally I find BP3 lyrically weak and production wise weak so theres nothing left to appreciate or try to enjoy.

  9. yall must be on crack the album is dope the only dissapointing part is the timbo tracks but who the fuck is ivan rott ill tell him to eat a dick if i was kanye