Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jay-Z & Eminem - "Renegade (Live)" | Video

It's bad enough that Em murdered Jay on his own track, but now Jay has continually perform the track alongside Em, verses still standing superior over the test of time. Still, these guys should collab again. With Nas.


  1. Its music. Not a competition. Even though rap is obsessed with this kinda thing.

    Eminem outshined Jay on this track. But it was a sick track that was part of a classic album.

    Should Jay try and erase it from his past? Should he never perform it again?

    People should applaud Jay for performing this track and not caring that Em's verse is sicker than his. Applaud Jay for working with Kanye even though he outshined Big Bro a few times.

  2. True anonymous...

    It was originally a Royce and Em track too.

    Why all the hate on Jigga lately?

  3. BTW that first comment was me.

    I've heard the original Renegade before.

    More credit to Jay cos he layed down his verse after hearing Em's. He didnt give a shit hoe good Em's verse was.

    People only go on about this cos of Ether. Which incidentally has reputation that has far exceeded its merit.

    A hard track but as every year passes its gradually getting over-rated.

  4. Lets not forget when ether was released and Nas had to come with some stuff in which he delivered.Just like it is not Jay-z's fault Em's verse was sick(even though it was an old verse), it is not Nas fault ether has been hailed as one of the greatest diss songs. I understand you never called it overrated, so i am not attacking you.

  5. nas stay losing.

  6. Nas stays losing, but for a loser when he retires one album will keep his name in hip-hop......we all know what that is

  7. Why is Em' miming?

  8. to Anom#3 how is Nas losing?

  9. Ether was hard no doubt but I think Takeover was more of a lyrical dissection whereas Ether had more cheap insults. (Although Jay was even 'cheaper' on Superugly.)

    They were 2 classics no doubt though. Ether reignited Nas' career and made him relevant again.

    The 'Eminem murdered you...' line gets oft repeated as a way to diss Jay. My point is that Jay doesnt care and maybe we shouldnt either.

    If Jay was worried about getting murdered then he would never have any more collabos.

  10. is it really that bad to get killed by eminem? i dont think getting outshinned by one of the best rappers is that bad of a thing to happen it only made jay's album that much better.

    and it's not like jay's verse was bad. "how that sound till you jot it down i take you to the ghetto with out ridin round hidin down duckin strays by frustrated youth stuck in their ways"

  11. is it me or eminem is doin' rappin with play back on this show???