Friday, August 7, 2009

I Fux Wit Rick Sanchez [||]



  1. Yea the people organizing the angst at the rallies are jerks and not worthy of trust, but these are public rallies and the people voicing their opinions have every right to do so.

    When Bush was in office, far left fanatics did similar outrageous stuff. Time for it to come back around.

    Props to Sanchez dominating this guy.

  2. Oh, come on. The worst that would happen in the Bush years was that Code Pink would disrupt a speech and then they'd promptly be booted out. That's it. This is a nationwide mob movement. They're just missing their pitchforks.

  3. I hate guys like Rick Scott. These guys have purely entrepreneurial interests, and yet they campaign as if they're for the American people. They work through loopholes, and then when they're about to be punished they retire and hand someone else their mess.
    Props to Rick Sanchez.