Saturday, August 15, 2009

2Pac - Immortal | Download

Remember that treasure-trove of unreleased 2Pac tracks that surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago? Well, someone was wise enough to snatch 'em all up and release them as a full-fledged mixtape. That's the kinda shit I woulda done if I had more time! Anyways, new(-ish) Pac is always a good thing, especially since these raw cuts are usually more interesting than the studio versions. Just my opinion. Turn it up!

Tracklisting + (Rapidshare) Download Link Below:
1. 2Pac - War Gamez (Dissing Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, The Firm, Jay-Z & Dr. Dre) (1:25)
2. 2Pac - If There's a Cure (I Don't Want It) (feat. Snoop Dogg) (3:55)
3. 2Pac - Black Cotton (Original) (feat. The Outlawz) (3:57)
4. 2Pac - Ambitionz as a Fighta (Mike Tyson Tribute) (2:59)
5. 2Pac - Welcome 2 Death Row (feat. Danny Boy) (3:48)
6. 2Pac - Po Nigga Blues (3:02)
7. 2Pac - Niggaz Nature (Original) (3:29)
8. 2Pac - Let Them Things Go (2:45)
9. 2Pac - Crooked Nigga Too (feat. The Outlawz) (4:10)
10. 2Pac - Ghetto Gospel (Original) (4:32)
11. 2Pac - Changes (Original) (4:41)
12. 2Pac - Changed Man (feat. Big Syke & Nate Dogg) (3:50)
13. 2Pac - Holla If You Hear Me (Original) (feat. The Outlawz) (5:01)
14. 2Pac - Ballad of a Dead Soulja (4:29)
15. 2Pac - 16 on Death Row (5:02)
16. 2Pac - N.I.G.G.A. (feat. The Outlawz) (5:35)
17. 2Pac - Immortal (feat. The Outlawz) (4:50)


  1. thanks !! 13 years old after his death, one can find 17 unreleased shit of the Pac...Amazing, damn he's really the man !

  2. Track 13 says it's featuring the Outlawz, but it's really featuring Live Squad.

  3. Who knows what the sample is on Let Them Things Go? I've been looking for it for years.

    1. I've been looking for that for over 10 years. Have you found it yet?

  4. my nigga swaggin an bangin made dat mixtape i got all dem acapellaz da studio war gamez acapella immortal pain studio acapella all typez yall niggaz dumb az fuck

  5. Vis Mixtape iz gr8, new posthomous albumz should've released va songz in their original form but remastered or sumthin.