Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spotted: "Woodstock" Sample

This one was requested via the CBOX, from a HHIReader who goes by the name of "1", who wanted to know which Sly & the Family Stone song was sampled on Slaughterhouse's semi-new track "Woodstock" featuring M.O.P. Luckily, A) I'm a fan of Sly Stone and the fam, B) 1 gave me the name of the sampled artist's name, and C) the song's title "Woodstock" kinda gives you a hint of where to look, so this one wasn't too much of a challenge. That and I recognized the sample the first time I heard the track, mainly because of A. :D

It's the intro to Sly & the Family Stone's amazing "I Wanna Take You Higher", from their '69 album Stand! Above, I've included a YouTube clip featuring the studio recording of the track. Below, I've included the Live at Woodstock performance of the single, as well as Slaugherhouse's "Higher"-sampling "Woodstock" track with M.O.P. Phat shouts to IllRoots. Enjoy!

Download: Slaughterhouse - Woodstock (feat. M.O.P.)


  1. nice find. did premier produce this joint? he might say your snitching...but your not a snitch. dont worry, us backpackers will protect u against his goons.

  2. I don't think this is the SLy version. It sounds more like the Ike & Tina version.

  3. @anon: Well, they *DID* name the track "Woodstock" and it features a sample from a very popular track, so you'd have to assume people would figure it out eventually.

    I don't think Premo laced this one though, so I'm safe... for now... heh.

    @bigfamily: You could be right about that. I just went ahead with it because 1 said someone told him it was Sly & the fam.

  4. notts produced this one and im pretty sure its the sly version ,thanks for this ivan