Monday, July 27, 2009

"Run This Town" | TRU Brain Trust

I love this pic' for so many reasons...

First and foremost, if you subscribe to HHIR but not to TRU, something's wrong. If you haven't gotten familiar by now, take this as the time to do just that! And if you haven't heard, the TRU Brain Trust is officially running this rap (blog) shit. Every once in a while, Rizoh throws up the bat signal and I add my two cents to a hot topic. This week? Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna's assault on the airwaves, "Run This Town". Check out our analysis on the track and make your thoughts heard either on TRU or HHIR's comment section:

TRU Brain Trust Analyzes “Run This Town”


  1. Bit harsh there. 4/5 for me. I am biased but this track was good.

    Does it really matter that Kanye killed it? As long as the song is hot then who cares.

    Eminem killed Jay right? Didnt make a difference to me, I just liked Renegade and the verses from both rappers. Didnt matter to me that Jay was outshined.

    I dont think Jay cares either. Otherwise he would only select weak rappers as guests. He just wants a hot track and right now Kanye is the hottest guest rapper bar none.

  2. As a RADIO single 5/5

    also <3 picture

    4x rihanna is 4x the fun :P
    also it one of the few pictures where they dont try to make her semm 'light skined'

  3. 4/5 is probably generous. 3.5/5?

    More than 2/5 though for sure.

    But im not too fussed about how amazing or not this track is. Its the first single and other Jay-Z singles werent necessarily great either.

    Change Clothes? Bonnie & Clyde? Even Izzo was far from the best track on Blueprint.

    Eternal optimist right here...