Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Four Levels of Existence, Jay-Z, Kanye West & Rihanna | Sample & Example

I just woke up, and the first e-mail I checked was titled "Sample source for Jay-Z's Run This Town". This track was sent over by Akuma over at Cash Rules. This one's a bit more difficult to decipher than previous ones. Either way, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it... Again, courtesy of Akuma's awesome find! Check it out:

Four Levels of Existence - "Someday in Athens"
Album: Four Levels of Existence
Year: 1976(?)

Jay-Z - "Run This Town" (feat. Kanye West & Rihanna)
Album: The Blueprint 3
Year: 2009


  1. Im liking Kanye's production for recent Jay tracks. Nice sample. More offbeat and rock oriented. No more sped up soul eh Kanye?

  2. the drumroll is probably what's sampled, but it's definitely a VERY close call.

  3. its the guitar in the begining, what are u guys deaf?

  4. How the fuck did you miss on the guitar sample, then again i have played the dam thing >50 times

    w00t for sampling greek band

    hellas! hellas!

    also WTF ivan ur #1 result for "The 4 levels of existance - the 4 levels of existance"

    dammit i wana RS link for there album :P

  5. yeah...gutiar at the beginning and drums at a higher bpm...c mon really??

  6. Links are dead. Fix them, please. Thanks.