Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sample Set #136: The Anthology

C'mon... I had to put you on to some Tribe vibes!

The Anthology was the album which got me into ATCQ's music (cut me some slack, I was only a one-year old when Tribe formed as a group). Inspired by the easily-recognizable "Walk On the Wild Side" sample by Lou Reed, I was forwarded to check out Tribe's first album, which ultimately became my favorite. I know, I know, most consider The Low End Theory to be their opus. And they're probably right! But I always preferred People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. Anyways, this set right here serves more than just one purpose. The first, and the most obvious, is that this set would encompass the best of the best of Tribe's samples. But second, and perhaps more importantly to the blog and my own sense of completism, we've got some samples on here that Kevin, John Q and I had missed out on the first go-round. For instance, I was finally able to find the right version of "Green Dolphin Street"! Also, I've discovered that the Brethren sample used as the memorable drum break on "Electric Relaxation" is actually titled "Outside Love", not "Inside Love" as we had been misled to believe (shame on you, Tribe Vibes compilation). And by the grace of the sample gods, I was able to retrieve the full sample, not just an excerpt of the drum break. For the heck of it, I've included them both in this set.

Of Tribe's three best albums, John Q and I have worked on two of them. Still, if there's one ATCQ sample set I'd suggest that's worth getting, especially if you're either a newb or wanna keep your hard drive lean - or both, I'd say it's this one! Sixty-four tracks deep, with a five-hour-long playlist, this 400+ MB package is a keeper. Can HHIR kick it? Yes we can.


  1. Dope Set Drop!!! Interested That The Tribe's First Album is your fav. Me fav is *Drumroll PLease... Summer, Summer, Summertime!!!!* Midnight Marauders!!! Actually, I posted my top 50 albums on Lyrics to Go!!!!! Hope you drop by to check, check, checkoslavia it out!!!!

  2. Thanks bruh for the hard work man.

    I cashed out for the Tribe Vibes sample set on vinyl at the local store, $8.00! And believed without a doubt that the song was called "Inside Love." Anyways...

    2nd to that Midnight Mauruders:
    "Went to Carvel to get a milk shake
    This honey ripped me off for all my loot cakes
    The car oh yeah there's mony in my jacket
    Somebody broke into my ride and cold macked it

  3. link don't work