Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hip Hop Insomniacs Club with Pilot

I always liked this song as a kid. Still kinda do. Congratulations to the Orlando Magic for not just their first win in this series, but their first franchise win in the Finals. Period. Already in this series, they've set some all-time records: second place for lowest shooting percentage in a Finals game, and tonight, highest shooting percentage in a Finals game. Ever. Pretty cool. Again, gotta give it up to the team that got the W. And to think, the Lakers still could have should have would have won had they made their friggin' free throws. Ah well. Game 4 awaits. Like I said from the beginning, this thing is goin' to 6. Barack agrees, too!


  1. Congratulations Orlando Magic for becoming the first winner in this series.

  2. and if magic made their free throws in game 2, we would have won that one ;)

  3. "The Lakers still would have won had they made their friggin' free throws"

    Considering Kobe played dirty to acquire about 6 free throw shots (and subsequently missed half of them), considering Lamar Odom played unreal, considering Farmar played his best basketball ever, considering the Lakers field goals were 10/10 at one point in the 4th quarter,and considering the refs called 2 or 3 legal blocks as fouls against the Magic... it's fair to say that the Lakers were lucky they even kept it close.
    6 it is though.

    All love Ivan.

  4. Fair enough. But Dwight Howard got away with murder too, you must admit. He hacked Pau on many offensive plays. Check the tape.

    All love indeed.

    Lakers in 5 or 6.

  5. Man this is crazy talking about Kobe being dirty. Every play Superman is throwing an elbow, shoulder or just pushing. I'm not a Laker or Magic fan but the Refs gave this to Orlando and it was obvious that the Commish didn't want a sweep. Even with the Magic shooting lights out they barely won. How can you have Jameer Nelson slam into Gasol and its not called and on the same play a guy double dribbles the ball and it's not called. ridiculous. all i want to see is a fair and equal game... BOTH WAYS... oh yeah and Howard travels every time he gets the ball too

  6. Let's be real though, centers (who play in the post) are expected to be more physical than shooting guards on the perimeter. Elbows, shoulders... that's to be expected. All great centers and perimeter players are physical, so how can you hold that against Dwight?
    Personally, I think Pau isn't a very useful center, and it's obvious he isn't very physical, he just sits underneath the hoop ready to get rebounds and blocks. He's more of a Dirk Nowitzki type power forward imo.
    Dwight didn't get called a few times, I do admit. But compared to the Lakers...
    How about Farmar falling down on purpose when the game was tied, when he ran into Dwight setting a pick? Or how about Kobe waiting for Courtney Lee to jump in the air before he got his shot off, so he could get to the free throw line?
    "Even with the Magic shooting lights out they barely won."
    That's because the Lakers were "shooting lights out" in the 4th quarter.
    But I def agree, we need a fair and equal game.
    Ivan, Magic in 7.

  7. ^ Not true. The Lakers didn't catch up in the fourth quarter. The whole game was close. The main reason why the Lakers had a substantially lower shooting percentage but still managed to keep up with the game was purely because of offensive rebounds. You're totally wrong about the Lakers 4th quarter shooting balancing out the Magic shooting. The whole game was close.

    If Pau is such a non-"useful" center, then why has Dwight been playing like shit in this series (Game 1 or 2).

    Magic in 7? Don't make me laugh...

  8. I agree that centers are physical but to me it's not subtle. What I see Howard doing is something you see Shaq get a foul for every time Shaq does it. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Lakers fan and I do see the Lakers getting away with a lot too but it just seemed like in Game 3 the refs were not calling things in the Magics favor. just imo. As far as kobe waiting for courtney to go up that is a legal play. Kobe didn't foul lee but lee fouled kobe. he shouldn't have bit on the fake. that is a play that is done every game of the year by players. nothing unusual or illegal or wrong about that. just smart.

  9. I meant the refs were calling things in the magics favor

  10. Yeah, Lakers did kill the Magic when it came down to offensive rebounds. Agreed, and the whole game was close too. But the reason the Magic didn't pull away in the 4th quarter is because the Lakers were unreal with their shooting percentage in the 4th quarter.
    Pau Gasol looks like a wolf (which is my biggest problem with him).
    Also, Dwight was double if not triple teamed every time he touched the ball in game 1 and 2. That's not to say he wasn't doubleteamed in Game 3, but he got fouled more, and with his teammates stepping up, the defenders couldn't afford to crowd Dwight.
    So Dwight's performance in games 1&2 can't really be fully chalked up to Pau. When Pau had to cover him one-on-one, Dwight came up with 20 something points...

  11. Man, I've heard the Girl Talk (Night Ripper) mix of this joint too much.

    "get down girl, go 'head get down"...