Monday, May 18, 2009

They Reminisce Over You... Dolla

Rapper Dolla (b. Roderick Anthony Burton II) was shot and killed today at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. I was just there. This is the third time I've been near a rapper's death (The Notorious B.I.G., Pimp C... and now this). The fucked up part about this is that Dolla was younger than me! It's a crying shame. Mad love goes out to his friends and family. Stay strong.

To live and die in L.A....

UPDATE: Read my "eyewitness account" on this tragedy over at The Rap Up



  1. to tell you the honest...

    i feel we have become so desensitized to our own folks losing their lives at young age.

    and it ain't the kkk or cointelpro who are taking us out, it's our own brothers. to take it even further, a change came with obama man, but it seems like the colored folks who die from cops and urban genocide aren't a priority on his list.

    Rest in Power my bruh

  2. I just heard about this over at the dopeboyz. so sad. RIP

  3. Rahsaan: How exactly does Barack fit into this equation though? I saw at least 6 cop cars down there.

  4. Inna lillahi wa innalahi rajaoon (from God we came and unto him we shall return)

  5. This is so sad. i only heard one of this dudes songs. they were just talkin about this stuff on "Brave New Voices" last night. God blees the dead

  6. Hey Ivan, only thing I was getting at was that Dolla represents the numerous of young Black folks that lose their life on a consistent basis, yet this isn't a major concern to our Multi-Ethnic President, dig?

  7. There isn't really anything Obama can do about it son.The issue can't be solved by waving a magic wand or reciting a spell 3 times.How can we make a change if the change ain't in us???