Friday, May 29, 2009

New iPhone/iPod Touch Application from Scion!

I know at least a few visitors of the site that'll be thrilled by this news. Scion -- the company that brings you those slick cars and great, free music events -- has announced a brand new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Radio 17 Beats Per Minute (BPM) Meter, as they call it, allows you to easily find out the BPM of a track you're listening to just by tapping on the screen. To get the app, just follow the instructions on the intentionally-campy tutorial video below, featuring Blu Jemz.

Not sure if they've got this plan in the works or not, but tell me if this is a good idea: creating some sort of network or database in which music listeners can not only retrieve BPMs by tapping on their iPhones/iPods, but send them in to create a BPM library. Knah'mean? Anyways, for info on this app and other Scion news, check out:


  1. Ivan, you been coppin' Scion payola???

  2. Naw, I think this app is really cool though.

    I don't even have an iPhone or Touch, but still.... knah'mean?

  3. meh. REAL dj's don't need BPM counters.

  4. it is handy for a drummer :P

    esp when the guitarist is been a fag and needs to learn to stfu :P