Thursday, May 14, 2009

Download: Eminem - Black Amerika

Stackhouse Recordings has put out some great blends mixtapes in the past, but what drew me to this joint in particular was the bizarre cover art. Truthfully, a lot of the blends on this tape are waaaaaay off the timing mark. But I kinda dig the political elements they tried to capture here.

Tracklisting + (Rapidshare) Download Link Below:
1. Eminem - Intro (1:09)
2. Eminem - Black Amerika ft. Ludacris & Barack Obama (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (3:16)
3. Eminem - Who Else ft. Nas (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (3:21)
4. Eminem - The Moment (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:16)
5. Eminem - When I’m On Tour (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (3:24)
6. Eminem - Take Me ft. Jay-Z & Asher Roth (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (3:13)
7. Eminem - Soldier (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (1:57)
8. Eminem - I’m Sorry Debbie ft. Kim Mathers & Debbie Nelson (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:47)
9. Eminem - 3 A.M. Produced by Dr. Dre (4:23)
10. Eminem - Can’t Forget U ft. Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:36)
11. Eminem - Captain Save a Hoe (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (3:06)
12. Eminem - Interlude (0:29)
13. Eminem - You’re A Rockstar (Stackhouse Recordings Old School Mix) (1:15)
14. Eminem - We Made You Produced by Dr. Dre & Eminem (2:40)
15. Eminem - Follow Me ft. Busta Rhymes (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (1:35)
16. Eminem - Do It Again ft. Biggie & Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:31)
17. Eminem - In Control ft. 50 cent (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:32)
18. Eminem - Tupac Speaks (0:30)
19. Eminem - I Can’t Fall ft. Tupac (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:19)
20. Eminem - Death Becomes Me (1:01)
21. Eminem - Feelings (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (1:01)
22. Eminem - Eminem Speaks (1:13)
23. Eminem - Slim Shady (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:35)
24. Eminem - My Conscience ft. Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (1:52)
25. Eminem - I Could Care Less (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (1:54)
26. Eminem - Love Me ft. Kanye West & Beanie Sigel (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (3:34)
27. Eminem - What U Gonna Do ft. Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, Malice (The Clipse) & Jay-Z (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:01)
28. Eminem - My Mentor & I ft. Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (2:31)
29. Eminem - Hush Little Baby (Stackhouse Recordings Mix) (1:45)
30. Eminem - Low Down & Dirty (3:45)
31. Eminem - Filthy (0:44)
32. Eminem - Hate Me Now Freestyle (0:43)
33. Eminem - If I Get Locked Up Tonight ft. Dr. Dre (3:09)
34. Eminem - Outro (0:26)


  1. this white dude gonna end his career by messing with nick cannon....cannon has been getting his funny on ever since wild n' out and eminem is still stuck in 2004... can't wait...

    here's my prediction - watch out for 50 cent possibly going against eminem either right before or after 50's album drops....

  2. Records shouldn't be allowed to say "featuring Barack Obama" if it's just going to be some public-domain sound clip of him saying something. Now on the other hand, if he actually had a guest spot on the album and dropped a rhyme... that would be sick.

    And it would just infuriate conservative, white, uber-Christian America.

  3. thanks for posting more bullshit... clearly your going for a controversy angle here(i don't care if you can't admit it or don't agree)..

    take off the link to the terrible music and cut to the chase by JUST posting the cover art..

  4. damn that other Anonymous guy went at it hard...

  5. lol at those that think the 4rth quarter album em will drop later this year will be anything
    but classic!

    he seperrated it just so it had one side of him on one record, relapse and the ... other side of him on the next half... december 2009 release

    as for some one that thinks 50 is stupid enough to go after em... that's even stupider than if 50 actually did that...