Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The 4-In-1 Special [Em' Samples]

This one's for all you sad, Rapidshare account-less pirates out there...

No more Less waiting in line...

The four Em' sample sets, all zipped up into one 200MB package (perfect fit)!

Enjoy... and turn it up!

Hip Hop Is Read Presents:
[The Samples]


  1. Yesssssssssssssss !! I, thanks for appealing to those of us too lazy to renew their Rapidshare accounts LOL

  2. Damnnnnn, you killed it with this one!

    I just got an idea for a sample set. You could put together a sample set of all the song producers sampled the drums from. It would be a nice gift for all the inspiring producers that visit this site!

  3. ^ You mean like a "Best of Drum Breaks" set? Maybe...

  4. Comment aimed at me? LOL.

    I got my account extended yesterday so im good to go but appreciate the single link.

  5. I was just lookin' out for all. I figured that since all 4 sets totaled to approximately 200MB, I might lighten the load. ;D

  6. Yeah, exactly. It would be sickkkk and really useful for me when they want a drum break I don't have to go through all the sample sets I've downloaded looking for it.

  7. hmm...
    down. even the single downloads.

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