Saturday, March 28, 2009

Charles Hamilton Is...

I've never really liked Charles Hamilton one bit. I've made a very strong effort in not expressing these sentiments lest I be deemed a hater*. But what the heck. Maybe it's 'cause his lyrics are weak sauce, maybe it's 'cause he's trying to get with my girl Lacey (I keed, I keed), maybe it's 'cause of that lame display in the short-lived Charles Hamilton vs. Rhymefest saga, or maybe it's because he suffers from arrested development, exhibited by his excessive displays of childish nostalgia and cartoon/video game character fixation. Who knows? But now, perhaps, I've come across yet another reason to keep him on my "ignore" list.

I received a forwarded e-mail (phat shouts to RT!) from this cat named Black Spade out of St. Louis, and here's what it said:
Yo! So this is the beat Charles Hamilton CLAIMS he created. In short, when I was in Austin to perform and check out SxSW, I caught his set. He performed one of his tracks, "Shinin'", which I thought was dope. However, come to find out the instrumental that he used for that track is a beat I produced a while back. After he was done performing, I let him know that I produced the beat and asked him where he got it from. In the back of my mind I know that the only place he really could have gotten it from was off my MySpace page. When I told him I produced the track and liked his lyrics, he still continued to say that HE produced the track with some dude....FALSE. He said he cleared the sample and that he is the one singing 'Shinin' in the background and also that his homeboy was playing the keys on the track.

Now mind you, the background 'Shinin' vocals that he claims he laid were not laid in the studio at all. I know this because I sampled them by singing directly into the MPC.

Basically, the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample at the beginning is from when I put the beat up on MySpace. The whole point of putting that part in the track was to show that I was about to produce, from that part, my own version of the sample. So, if you don't hear the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample in the MP3 I am sending you, that is why.

Please Blog, a brotha needs his credit...
He included the two tracks, his and C.Hamilton's:



And I've added the original sample, courtesy of Frankie Beverly & Maze...

So... what do you think?

* Yes, this post was just an excuse to rail against Charles Hamilton! :D


  1. I've heard only a little bit of the ham's music, I pay him no mind. No idea where all his buzz comes from.

    But opinions are like assholes.......

  2. Tef Poe..this is Black Spades younger brother I'm on his album jus did a show with him lastnight in stl, we've been trying to get to the bottom of this for a grip now...Spade is more diplomaticly mature than myself I would've just took off on this and broke his effing nose, this track is definetly stolen on all accounts it even has Spades vocals on it..thats him singing in the background,I pray to God this dude eff's up and books a show in won't nice for him seriously..

  3. Yeah, this Charles Hamilton dude is a real Spongebob. Pay him no mind.

  4. I saw him do a freestyle with budden once that was fire. OTher than that, dudes cute, nothing special. I dont mind him feelin sonic, sonic was just cool enough back in the day to still be relatively cool now ;)

  5. Indeed leave Sonic out of this!..LOL
    Don't let him hide behind sonic~kindergarten rap!
    Maybe in a few years he can master his art?!


  6. I dont know why anyone would listen to that sucka. Keep away from my Sega Mega Drive.

  7. boo on Charles. Thieves get no respect......

  8. That is definitely stolen... woah

  9. fuck that, thats a blatant steal.

  10. Damn Charles. Seems like my respect for him is going down slowly everyday

  11. Hmmm. I don't know...Mr. Hamilton's defense in this case is also pretty strong. You can't alter digital time stamps.

  12. Charles Proves HIS INNOCENCE!

  13. I always thought Hamilton was a bum rapper and this just confirmed it.

  14. Hamilton is wak,
    I hated what he did with dilla's beats from donuts and from that day forward i knew he was SHIT! Nuff said

  15. Yo,

    Just making sure everyone who commented here (ESPECIALLY the people who doubted Black Spade) saw the latest update:

    Video evidence of not only Black Spade re-playing ever part of his beat
    But even better - another video showing Spade’s beat sitting right there in the very ProTools sessions that Charles posted as an attempt to clear his name - labelled & everything!

    Its over.

  16. prolly just sounds the same, pompous ass needing attention back packers..

    anyone can sing, any one can sample, a lot of people do it the same... and to sing in the right key is the key, so of course it could sound a like... btw, who gives a fuck. your a myspace producer and what you need to do is shut the fuck up about it, be glad something you 'claim' is yours is being heard by so many... fucking idiot.

  17. people always steal music, thats the nature of not clearing samples.. if hamilton bought the beat from a shady producer... and doesn't wanna deal with some dumb ass coming to him years later... then fuck it.

    dont be a dousche and ride hamiltons fame.. that is pathetic.

    i dont care what you say.. at this point your just a loser for making it a big deal

  18. So how did Charles Hamilton get the pro tools sessions? I can rip audio off myspace, too, but it's sure as fuck not going to break that down into individual tracks and fire up pro tools for me.

    If it turns out that Hamilton heard the track on Myspace then just re-produced the whole thing because he's got skills like that, where would that leave things? Total greyzone...still theft but at least some talented-ass larceny.

    I say that without having checked out his music beyond hearing what was on these videos. Basically, I watched everyone's case and I think it's looking more complicated...but Hamilton is definitely in the wrong either way.

    And he should avoid St. Louis for awhile, too.

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