Monday, February 2, 2009

Hip Hop Is Read Hits #23 on Wikio's Top Music Blog List

Yes we did! It's official: Europe loves Hip Hop Is Read! How else did we move up (again!) on Wikio's charts? We're at #23! We're ahead of SOHH Blogs!? Since late October, we've crawled up from #32 to #29. And each and every month, I think to myself that we've reached as far as we can go. Guess not.

Cue to Curtis*

1Listening Post
2Nah Right
3Brooklyn Vegan
4MTV Newsroom
6gorilla vs. bear
7Ill Doctrine
8The Fader Magazine
9The Smoking Section
10You Ain't No Picasso
11WFMU's Beware of the Blog
12XO's Middle Eight
13Sound of the City
14Largehearted Boy
15Culture Bully
16Recording Industry vs The People
17Line Out
19Real Talk NY
21Lefsetz Letter
22LP Cover Lover
23Hip Hop Is Read
24SOHH Blogs
2533 1/3
29Hidden Track
30Cocaine Blunts
31Muzzle of Bees
32Arjan Writes
34The Hood Internet
35Chart Rigger
36Passion of the Weiss
37Stereo Describes My Scenario
38Notes from a Different Kitchen
39Music thing
41The KEXP Blog
42So Much Silence
43Oh Word
45Cable &Tweed
46AudioPorn Central
47Said the Gramophone
50Bradley's Almanac

Ranking by Wikio.

*No, Not That Curtis; This Curtis; The Curtis:


  1. congrats.

    I didn't even know I was on this list.

  2. Congrats Ivan! (and eskay too, I guess!)

    Next stop: the top 10!!!