Sunday, February 15, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Tells It Like It Is...

...say no more.


  1. true story. you agree with this. i agree with this. those who say otherwise need help.

  2. Im with him on everything until the 'cure'. We got in this problem because of government spending. The only way govt can spend, because it has no money, is to create debt, or inflate the currency, both which hurt the poor and middle class the most.

    Govt never been my friend, or your friend. Govenrment is force, and violence, police beatings and civil asset forfeiture. Changing the ceremonial man at the top dont change the beast, it simply changes the face.

    The problem is government is trying to stop the cure, which is the recession. The problem was prices were artificially high - this is cured by people not buying those things, and saving. So whats govt do? It says fuck you, and creates debt in your name, forcing you to spend, but not even on shit you want but on shit they want.

    We are getting fucked. Dope we got obama, but overall shit wont change unfortunately until we dump both these fucking garbage parties.